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Just when we thought that Skynet had finally been shut down, the Terminators all eliminated, and a wheezing movie franchise sent to its sad, final resting place… they’re back! And if filmmaker James Cameron has anything to say about it — and you know he will — they’re going to be around for a long, long time.

Today we learned, thanks to our friends over at Skynet’s Army, that Deadpool director Tim Miller has been signed to direct the next iteration of The Terminator series (it’s sixth, apparently). Together, Cameron and Miller plan to reboot the franchise and purge all of the lesser sequels — anything after T2: Judgement Day will cease to exist (good riddance).

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The rights to the Terminator films are about to revert back to the iron grip of creator James Cameron. On Tuesday, September 19, on the Paramount Pictures studio lot, Cameron and Miller are expected to share their vision for the future of the franchise.

The official news release contains all of the details:

“Join filmmakers James Cameron and Tim Miller on the Paramount Lot for an exclusive conservation with The Hollywood Reporter’s Matt Belloni about their collaboration on the upcoming Terminator.”

We have no idea where Cameron and Miller plan to steer the next Terminator films (according to Cameron, a trilogy is planned, naturally). However, Arnold Schwarzenegger is expected to return too… hopefully in a voice-over capacity and not as a 70-year-old cyborg, but given the power of modern CG, anything’s possible.

However, in a recent interview Cameron stated that he wants to explore whose DNA was harvested to create the original T-800; he wants to know if there’s any significance to this particular DNA and who this person was. These are fair questions, but I honestly can’t say they’re very interesting to me. Frankly, these comments sound more like Cameron shooting from the hip — a thing he’s known to do — rather than anything approaching a treatment or a viable concept.

Cameron and Miller certainly have plenty of credibility on their side, let’s hope they don’t squander it on a moribund Terminator franchise that’s probably better left for dead.

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SOURCE: Skynet’s Army

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