– by Emmanuel Gomez

Join us today for a spotlight on AfterShock Comics! This is one of our favorite publishers that is consistently putting our great stories by a wide range of creators. We take some time to talk about the first three episodes of  Garth Ennis’s book titled Jimmy’s Bastards. Then Jace shares his conversation with AfterShock’s Mike Marts. If you haven’t picked up any AfterShock titles, do yourself a favor and do so after you finish listening to this podcast!

The 9 Panel Grid

Episode 23

AfterShock Spotlight- Jimmy’s Bastards & Mike Marts Interview


  1. Jimmy’s Bastards
    1. Writer- Garth Ennis
    2. Artist – Russ Braun
    3. Colorist – John Kalisz
    4. Letterer – Rob Steen
  2. What it’s all about
    1. Jimmy Regent
    2. Nancy McEwan
    3. Sir X
    4. Idi
  3. Mike Marts Interview
    1. Sneak Peek of book coming soon from AfterShock
    2. http://aftershockcomics.com/
    3. https://twitter.com/mikemarts
    4. https://www.instagram.com/aftershockcomics/?hl=en

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