– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Horror stories can be pulled from virtually anywhere. It’s both a strength and weakness of the medium. In the past, they’ve pulled from technology, resulting in decent films like Ringu and awful films like One Last Call. However, there are times where they don’t exactly utilize technology but pull from a story that was created online. It happened with the upcoming Slender Man movie, and it’s happening again with Dear David.

TheWrap is reporting that the online ghost story, written by BuzzFeed writer Adam Ellis is set to get adapted by IT producer Dan Lin’s Rideback. Now, if you have a life and don’t fall down dark internet rabbit holes like yours truly, then you’re probably wondering what “Dear David” is.

This was a series of images and tweets from Ellis that chronicled a haunting he had in his apartment, and to this day, he claims it to be true. This whole deal started on August 7 of last year, where he wrote the cryptic tweet:

“My apartment is currently being haunted by the ghost of a dead child and he’s trying to kill me.”

From there is an extensive series of tweets and images, some of which show what he calls digital evidence of a boy with part of his head missing.

“I’ve never been interested in convincing anyone that ghosts are real–I just wanted to tell my story,” Ellis told TheWrap. “If it was all fiction, I probably would’ve updated more than once every couple weeks.”

Whether or not it’s true is up in the air, but I’m interested to see what comes of the actual film adaptation.

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