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December SideShow Collectibles: Additions Right In Time For The Holiday Season!

Welcome to my monthly column with the December Sideshow Collectibles review. If this is your first time checking this column out, thanks for checking it out! For those returning thanks for coming back! Especially because of the Holidays and of course the delay with products from overseas. I enjoy doing these monthly reviews because I have been fan of the products that come from Sideshow Collectibles.

The products they offer are limited prints, statues, coins, figures, books, cups, and other random items that change month to month. The prices range from low to high, along with limited items that sell out fast as well. They do give you rewards for spending money that can be used later for other products, and they also have monthly contest that you can sign up for.

Someday, once we get back to normal, and you get a chance to go to San Diego Comic-Con, stop by their both to check out new and future products. Even though the items may be costly, you can set up for monthly payment plans. I like to have a box opening reveal of a new statue I receive. However, this time around I have not received one yet.

So, for me closing out this column I will review one of my favorite statues I have in my collection. The one I will be showing will be my statue of Purgatori from Chaos! Dynamite Comics, and there will be pictures of her as well. The following items I go over are all pre-orders and are still available. Let’s get the December Sideshow Collectibles under way!

To start off my December Sideshow Collectibles picks I will go with the section with the name Prime 1 Studio. In this section you can find very pricy museum quality statues, and they still offer lay away plans but again higher than normal. This time around they have a Harley Quinn statue from the second Suicide Squad movie from DC Comics.

The details for her are perfect and they offer two types to decide from. One offers a mini Starro, and the other does not. The price for this statue is $1,499 with layaway plan of $168 a month. The height of this statue is well over twenty-eight inches tall. It will have more weight than other statues. Make sure to check out the photos of her I have in this column to see how beautiful this statue is.

Now for a statue that has a more reasonable price. Here is Hellwitch, a character from Brian Pulidos’s comic book and artwork by Mike Krome. She costs $400 with layaway plan of $51 a month. The statue looks just like the comic book version. This is a great gift for a Hellwitch fan. So get her for yourself, or for someone special in your life.

She is over fourteen inches tall, and the weight is about fourteen pounds. I will have to think about ordering this because I have another one. I am waiting to pre-order. One thing I forgot to mention is they have a new tool that you can use on Sideshow.

You can take a picture of your room or the area where you want to put that new statue of item. Then you can upload the photo and place that item in that photo and see if you like the placement of it.

Next for the December Sideshow Collectibles is one of the best-selling games ever: Halo. This is the perfect gift for any Halo fan out there. The statue has the title, Master Chief vs. Escharum. The cost of this statue is $535 with layaway plan of $96 a month.

The height of this statue is twelve inches with a width of seventeen inches. It weighs about thirteen pounds. The statue looks like it was taken right from the game. Again, it will make a Halo fan’s day to get this.

I did not even think Sideshow Collectibles would have an item like this, but surprise, they have a Spider-Man Halo Toaster. This item is made by Uncanny Brands and costs $69.99. Howvever, sorry, no layaway plans for this item because it is under $100.

This is a great Christmas gift a young or older Spider-Man fan in your life! It is a unique December Sideshow Collectibles pick.

Another item I would like to mention is another great gift for that NHL fan in your like. The Stanley Cup Popcorn maker by Uncanny Brands.

This looks amazing and I enjoy watching and playing hockey, so I ordered one for myself! This item costs $79 and with the lid on top it is about seventeen inches tall. Again, if you love popcorn, along with hockey, why not have both in your kitchen?

Other neat items they have are silver and gold coins made by New Zealand Mint. The new silver coin they have is Grogu from The Mandalorian, this coin is about 1 oz. and costs about $109. The coin also comes in a very cool collectible box.

The next one is a Guro ¼ oz. gold coin that costs $900. However, it does come with a layaway plan. But this is pricey, and gold is very pricey today. They do have other coins made from silver with different ounces available to buy. It is rare when they offer gold coins and they do sell out the fastest on this site.

These are just a few items that are available to buy this time around. But please make sure to check on the site every week. They do add items weekly so please check so you don’t miss something you might like.  While you are on the site remember to sign up for the monthly contests they have as well.

Form my collection would like to highlight Purgatori from Chaos Comics, and the cost I believe was around $430.

She stands about twenty-three inches tall and with her wings she is about twelve inches in width, and the weight is about sixteen pounds.

I am incredibly happy that I did order her when I had the chance. The exclusive give you the option to have her hold a sword or an ax, and both versions of this statue have been sold out as soon as I order it.

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Well, I hope you enjoy the December Sideshow Collectibles edition with the photos so you can see the items I went over. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading this column. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and have a wonderful Christmas and Happy Holidays with your family and friends! Since you are here, please check out our other columns, stories, and videos on our site. Have a wonderful and safe Christmas!!

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