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Destiny 2 Glitch Made This Weekend One To Remember

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A Destiny 2 glitch, which was easily replicated made this weekend one to remember on the game. The situation is at least somewhat resolved now, but pretty much the entire weekend saw players able to craft glitched guns which had unintended combos. The end result of this glitch was weapons far more powerful than anything we are supposed to have in the game.

By this last Friday, word had spread and the player base were all trying to replicate an initially accidental glitch. Initially the bug was far easier to pull off on PC’s by lowering settings and lagging the game. Older generation consoles were also easier to perform the glitch on. However it did not take long for several instruction videos to appear online for next gen consoles as well.

These guns were able to delete Raid bosses and dungeon bosses in seconds. Even Grand Master Nightfall’s were getting beaten in record time and that is the most difficult content in the game. However, perhaps the biggest talking point of this glitch weekend were that the weapons could also be used in PvP modes. The competitive Trials playlist became a glitched gun only zone, because without one you’d never compete. That unfortunately means anyone unable to pull off the glitch was excluded from playing that mode.

This caused the player base to worry that Bungie would have roll back to the game to a previous state to fix this issue. That would mean if they reset the game to Thursday evening, any progress or loot any players got, whether legit or not, would be lost. I have played some Raids on Friday evening and the thought of a rollback made me not want to bother playing the rest of the weekend.

Then we got this message.

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I decided on Saturday night I could play again. However, I encountered a new problem. As someone who uses LFG a lot to find teams I started to see that 95% of groups on Xbox’s own app, or the game companion LFG were asking for players with ‘Funny Guns’ only.

I could not get into any Raid teams or Grand Master Nightfalls. Eventually I did a Raid with some players who didn’t demand glitched guns, but one or two of them had them anyway. In that respect, I had no issue, as burning the bosses was fun as a one off. Took me far too long to find that group though.

On Sunday, we got this message.

It was time to decide, either not play at all Sunday night, or try and get a ‘funny gun’. I got a funny gun. The moral of the story however is this. I joined two Grand Master Nightfalls and despite people having these glitched guns, the player base were clearly not used to that level of difficulty. Two runs in a row we wiped because my team mates were too aggressive and forgot these guns gave you no extra protection against enemies. Third group I joined were proper GM players and we cruised through it in around 10 minutes or so with only one death among us.

The End

Well, it’s over folks.

For some, this was a legendary weekend of Destiny, never to be forgotten. For me, yes, it was a memorable weekend. However, my enduring memory will be spending hours looking through LFG’s and not getting into any games. The ones I did get into finding really inexperienced players who were doing activities they’re not ready for.

A Destiny 2 weekend to remember for sure. However, for me, not exactly for the right reasons. For Bungie, I feel sorry for the employees that would have been called in to fix the issue this weekend. Those guys are not finished yet going by a few videos I’ve caught. What is funny is that this exploit was probably doable for over a year and no one had ever worked it out, or performed it by accident.

Did you play in the Funny Gun Weekend? Did you enjoy this Destiny 2 glitch, or are you happy to see the back of it. Let me know below.

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