Destiny 2 Guardian Games Trailer ’22 – Here We Go Again

Destiny 2 Guardian Games Trailer '22 - Here We Go Again

Check out the Destiny 2 Guardian Games trailer ’22. Yes, it’s that time of year again Destiny fans. We’ve pretty much finished all the current seasonal content. Therefore Bungie needs a way to get us playing more ritual activates until the new Season drops on May 24th. Cue, the worst event in the Destiny calendar, Guardian Games. The great Guardian Games kicks off today and ends on May 24th at reset.

Here is that Guardians Games trailer ’22.

Now, I have no idea whether this event will be somehow worthwhile finally this year. However it wasn’t in either of the previous two versions of these annual games. Of course changes have been made this year which I’ll get to in small detail. However the crux of this remains the same. The purpose of Guardian Games was supposed to be simple. Players competing as their favorite class to see who could win the most medals. Seems like a great idea in principal. However there are mitigating factors.

Class Wars

The class distribution in Destiny 2 is far from even. There are a huge number of players who ‘main’ the Hunter class. Second most popular is the Warlock class and last is the Titan, the crayon eaters. I’m a crayon eater at heart, but like many veteran Guardians I play all three classes. First through any content though, is my Titan. That’s, as you can read above, uncommon though and as such Bungie were presented with a problem. The solution was to handicap Hunters most and buff Titans most. The result in the inaugural Guardian Games was an easy Titan victory with Hunters last.

The following and most recent games some adjustments were made and Hunters walked it within like a week and Titans were last. Ok, maybe more fair, but the Warlocks! Will they ever get that W? Probably not, but you never know?

This year Bungie has once again changed their algorithm, perhaps in the hopes the field will be closer, or that Warlocks get their W. You can find all details about those scoring changes and a plethora of details about the upcoming Guardians Games in the most recent This Week At Bungie article Here. Still, you do have to wonder whether this, or the Faction Rallies it replaced was the better system? Psst, Faction Rallies were better.

It’s Not About the Scoring

Here’s the thing, it’s not about the scoring. The average players doesn’t care who wins, the ones that do, probably will play as the class they want to win. I may play my Warlock this year. However weirdly, the game also encourages you to play activities on different classes, some of which you won’t want to get medals on etc. It all becomes a bit messy.

Instead the problem lies in the loot chase. Right now players are doing only the activities they either most enjoy, or they need to for whatever goal they are working on. Then Guardian Games comes around with a few new average pieces of loot and requires you to mostly do activities you’ve no business in running at this time of a season. This season Bungie has however made some changes that I guess they hope will make the Games less intrusive and more fun. I’m not yet convinced. You can find full details in the same link above of all changes to Guardian Games ’22.

There are more ways to earn medals this Games, and seasonal content is included finally. That’s good and getting higher rewards for high tier activities also makes sense in theory. However a new idea, which is really an old recycled idea, Strike Scoring sounds horrific to me, and it seems many other players.

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This is in a Strike playlist where players often compete against one another to kill all the easy enemies for bounties and gun progress. It’s annoying as hell trying to get anything done with one of these players, or speed runners. However it’s just a strike playlists and no one cares too much anyway. Now we add in scoring and have people compete against each other for kills? Frankly I don’t get it and this new Guardian Games Strike playlist sounds like an activity I will actively attempt to avoid. No doubt however some reward will be tied to it, and that carrot will dangle me inside.

As for rewards, there will be the usual armor skins looking like a knock-off Olympic Games. And as per usual, there’s one weapon with a huge amount of perks. Therefore we all have to farm like crazy for the one god roll everyone says is best. I mean, that’s kinda Destiny 2 for you in a nutshell, but as said above, I’m guessing getting a good version of that new SMG will be like searching for a dropped diamond in the Sahara.

Frankly a lot of players are probably busy either trying to get Deep Sight weapons to drop they’ve not completed yet, ranking them up, or levelling up the crafted weapons that come from these as it takes a while.

Here we go again indeed.

What do you think of the Destiny 2 Guardian Games trailer ’22? Are you as excited for this annual event as I clearly am? Drop us a message below or on our Discord server linked below also.

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