Destiny 2 Season Of The Splicer SPOILERS Datamined

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Destiny 2‘s new Season of the Splicer SPOILERS have been datamined. A text dump of files from the game were uploaded by Ginsor to Git Hub showing various dialogue and story beats that will play out in the latest season. You can view the entire data dump in the link above. However I am going to detail out the biggest story points from this season.

That being said. If you wish to avoid story spoilers for Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer, don’t jump past the image below.

**Warning! Season of the Splicer SPOILERS below.**



Season of the Splicer Spoilers

So far only a few days into Season of the Splicer we know the basics on this seasons story only. Someone connected with the Vex has darkened the Sun, leaving Earth and all the other planets in perpetual darkness. We go to a former uneasy ally in Fallen commander Mithrax, who offers to help us defeat the Vex and restore the Sun. As repayment the Guardian Vanguard offers the Fallen of House Light to come live in the Last City under the protection of the Vanguard. However due to years of fighting against the Fallen, many residents of the Last City are unhappy with this new arrangement. Lakshmi, leader of the Future War Cult faction has contacted us to say she has seen the future, and these Fallen were in a burning destroyed city. Lakshmi tell us that she wont allow this to happen for real.

What Next?

In the Datamined information it’s pretty clear what is happening here so let me detail it out.

Lakshmi of course will be involved in a self-fulfilling prophecy as I think was obvious. In other words her fears will push her to do something silly regarding these Fallen, when we should be united against the Darkness. Lakshmi creates one of the new Vex Override gates inside the Last City to destroy the Fallen and gets herself killed in the process. Therefore the final Override location of the Season will be in the Last City where we need to stop the Vex from destroying it and helping save the Fallen and Human’s alike.

We also know that there will be no more Factions in Destiny. After Lakshmi’s death the other Factions all leave the Last City too. We also find out that the person most responsible for what is happening wi8th the sun is Quria. Quria was a Vex mind who was ‘Taken’ by Oryx back on Destiny 1. It looks as though we players will face down and defeat Quria in the climax of this season, one assumes in the battle for the Last City.

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There is a lot more in there, but I think the most importnat aspect left to discuss is the Cabal. The Cabal who we made an uneasy alliance with last season declare that they still stand with the Vanguard. Essentially, what is being set up is an alliance between Humanity, the Cabal, and the Fallen against the Darkness. The Darkness will have the Hive, the Scorn, the Taken and some bad guy Fallen on their side. However, that’s all going to be further down the line.

What do you think of these Season of the Splicer SPOILERS that have been datamined from the game? I must admit I don’t care about story spoilers for video games. The story of Destiny is cool and all, but I’m more interested in the gameplay when it comes to games. Any Destiny 2 fans excited about what’s to come? Leave any thoughts below.


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