Hasta que la Boda nos separare: Diana Bovio Talks Wedding And Partying Scenes [Exclusive Interview]

Hasta que la Boda nos separare (Until the Wedding do us Apart) is a cute comedy about a couple wanting to plan their dream wedding. However, the father of the brides decides to coordinate the wedding himself turning it into his own party. The couple in attempt to please the family they plan their ideal wedding on the same day. Leading to several comical events that will keep you entertained from the beginning. This Mexican comedy will be available to stream from PantaYa as of June 15th. PantaYa is a steaming platform that has a intense selection of movies from Mexico and Latin America.

LRM: How was Maria’s perfect wedding?

Diana Bovio: [Laughs] Maria’s perfect wedding was definitely not like she had planned. But people will enjoy watching this couple suffer one of their worse days of their lives. [Laugh]

LRM: Tell me a bit more about your character, Maria.

Diana Bovio: Maria is a dreamer, naive, a little childish as she dreams of her wedding being like The Little Mermaid. It was very fun to interpret her character and carry that naivety and immaturity to its limits. A the same time, her character was fun and has an important transformation in the film. It’s a not the same Maria from start to end. It was fun. I had a great time filming at the beach for two weeks with talented, fun people. Honestly, had a great time from casting till the last day of filming. It was incredible.

LRM: From the beginning it seems like you were all having a blast.

Diana Bovio: It was an incredible time, especially during the first wedding. In the film, there are two weddings. The first one was the family wedding. We were having so much fun. There was so much joking around, screaming, dancing and enjoying ourselves that we would not hear the director say, “Cut.” That was one of the most enjoyable scenes. It was neat to work with Gustavo Egelhaaf. Working with him and the team is one of the best experiences I will cherish. You’re not always fortunate to work with your friends. When it happens it’s magical and very appreciated.

LRM: So after this film maybe you guys have created a tradition for the bride and groom to go around with a tequila bottle and downing a shot from it to every guest.

Diana Bovio: [Chuckles] That happens all the time in Mexican Fiesta! It doesn’t necessarily have to be a wedding. Getting people drunk straight from the bottle happens almost in all the parties.

LRM: Wow! I am learning something. I am missing out on the real Mexican Fiestas! I am going to the wrong parties.

Diana Bovio: [Laughs] Yeah, exactly. There comes a point in which some Mexican parties reach the craziness. So, yes, getting people to do shots straight from the bottle happens all the time. [It’s the] reason I think many Latinos can relate to this film, while watching can reflect themselves with family and friends. I think that is an awesome thing that while you watch the film you may be reminiscing from your own parties and laughing at your own self or family events that you have experienced yourself. Mexican parties are very popular parties. Not all countries celebrate the way we do.

LRM: Going back on Maria and her fascination on The Little Mermaid, can you share your experience of when you first watched this Disney film?

Diana Bovio: I loved The Little Mermaid. It is one my favorite Disney movies. Think all of us girls have dreamed of a prince. A Prince, Eric, like in the movie. I think what is important about Maria is that she teaches us and reminds us of that innocence. That fantasy from when you’re little that excites you. To not forget it while the same time takes it to a mature approach and she does. She grows up in the process of planning her wedding.

There is a significant change in her maturity level and understands things better. Yet, it doesn’t stop being that girl that fantasizes, dreams and still has those innocent illusions. This is where I also think some girls can identify with Maria.

LRM: There was a scene where the wedding dress caught on fire. How was it filming that scene?

Diana Bovio: It was a little complicated. There was a lot of stress on the set. We were all tense. We had a stunt [coordinator] that obviously knew what he was doing. When you have an element like fire to work with, there has to be a lot of seriousness and precaution. It has a tense night.

However, it was a thrilling experience, because I had never worked with fire or with such complex scene. It was exciting and learned a lot from it. It was fun watching in suspense the entire time. Everything went great!

LRM: There is meaningful message towards the end of the wedding chaos. Can you tell us about it?

Diana Bovio: I think that was the most important part of the film. That family is family and no one is going to love you like them. No one is going to understand you the way they do. The most important thing is to share and communicate with family while putting differences aside. To learn to listen and enjoy each other. The reason that this wedding goes wrong is that Maria is not listening to her parents and her parents are not listening to her. No one listens to the groom.

LRM: To the point of Maria’s father making the decision of planning the wedding.

Diana Bovio: He practically said, “This is my party and I invite who I want.” But no, the groom and bride should decide how or with who they want to celebrate their special day. Family is there to support them on their special day.

LRM: Is there something you can share with us for upcoming projects?

Diana Bovio: Next year, we will be out with Mirreyes contra Godinez. It will be a fun comedy. In [also stars] with Regina Blandon, Pablo Lyle, Daniel Tovar and a lot of new talent. I think you guys will enjoy it. The story is very original.

Right now, we are thrilled that you will be watching Hasta que la Boda nos Separare in the US through pantaya.com. A new digital platform where you can enjoy this film from the comfort of your own home through your television, tablet, or phone. And it’s exciting to be able to reach Latin families with this movie. It’s to remind them a little of their people and roots. They will definitely enjoy it!

[Interview was originally conducted in Spanish and translated into English for our site.]

Source: LRM Online Exclusive

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