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The Bad Batch Execs Refuse To Clarify If Omega Was Force Sensitive Or Her Fate After Epilogue

The Bad Batch has ended and the exec producers refuse to clarify whether Omega was Force sensitive, or her fate after the epilogue.

The Bad Batch has ended and the exec producers refuse to clarify whether Omega was Force sensitive, or her fate after the epilogue. I won’t get into exactly how The Bad Batch ended, but I will in this article reference the epilogue scene. Therefore, be wary of some spoilers if you have not yet finished watching the final episode.

The Bad Batch ended with an epilogue set many years later. Omega, now grown up is getting ready to leave her home. Hunter is waiting for her and knows she is leaving the Batchers family. There is no specific date, but this is in the heart of the Rebellion period as Omega mentions the Rebellion needs good pilots. Hunter, wants to keep her safe, but understands she has to make her own way. Kids grow up and leave their parents, we all know that story.

We can therefore assume that Omega joined the Rebellion and fought the Empire. However, anything beyond that is pure speculation. Speaking with after the finale were executive producer’s and head director and writer respectively Brad Rau and Jennifer Corbett. The Bad Batch is really their show, but they were reticent to get into what may or may not have happened to Omega. After she flies away at the end of the show, do you have an idea about what comes next?

Brad Rau: “I’m not going to answer that question.”

Jennifer Corbett: “[Laughs.] Nice try!” I’m taking that as a yes.

Brad Rau: “That’s up to you.”

Jennifer Corbett: “We can all have our theories. [Laughs.]”

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Of course, there could be room to explore Omega’s journey further in the future. Whether in animated, or live-action, it is now possible for Omega to show up in later era stories. The MandoVerse for example would possibly have an experienced and fully mature Omega who’s a veteran of the Rebellion. Omega could still be in the military, or she could have gone on another path after the war. It is worth pointing out that her ‘true’ brother Boba Fett is on Tatooine and a part of this era.

Another question fans have been wondering is whether Omega is particularly Force sensitive? Now, I know the M count of someone is not all it takes for them to become powerful. It takes training to become a Jedi, though some very powerful individuals start before learning anything. We are only ever told that Omega’s blood seems to be the key to transferring an M count from one person to a Clone. We therefore do not know if hers was particularly high in any way. Whereas the other kids in captivity were there because they had a high M count and the baby already used the Force a little.

How Force Sensitive Is Omega?

Brad Rau: “Well, as we all know, the Force is in all living things. It surrounds us. It binds us. So that’s my answer. [Laughs.]”

Jennifer Corbett: “I would say for her character, it really doesn’t matter because she’s chosen who she wants to be.”

I think we can take firm this answer that it doesn’t matter because Omega was never trained or never took that path. Therefore even if she was stronger than average with the Force, it probably won’t develop into anything of note. I guess she’s kinda opposite to Sabine in Ahsoka for that. Sabine seems at best average, but she is committing to training.

What do you think of this as exec producers refuse to clarify whether Omega was Force sensitive, or her fate after the epilogue of The Bad Batch? Would it be cool to see Omega show up and meet Boba Fett in live-action? Should her fate be left to fans imaginations? Or, should we have another animated show focused on Omega post-Rebellion? Thoughts below as always.

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