– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Leonardo DiCaprio has quietly become something of an activist. With each passing year, the actor seems to inch closer to the kind of celebrity activist that folks like Sean Penn, George Clooney, and Angelina Jolie all are. He’s also a smart businessman. DiCaprio sees that superheroes are all anyone is interested in these days, and so it looks like he’s ready to merge his worlds a bit by adapting a beloved superhero for the big screen that actually has something to say about the world at large: Captain Planet

The Hollywood Reporter has just revealed that DiCaprio’s Appian Way and Paramount Pictures are teaming up to bring an adaptation of Captain Planet And The Planeteers to a theater near you.

That’s not all. They’re already working hard to find writers for the project, as Paramount is courting Jono Matt and Glen Powell to pen the script. 

For those unaware, Captain Planet And The Planeteers was a cartoon in the 1990s that depicted a hero that combined all of the elements of the earth in an attempt to stop pollution and environmental destruction. He would be summoned by a group of ring-wearing teenagers that each exemplified the elements: Earth, Fire,Wind, Water, and Heart.

Considering how hard DiCaprio has been working to bring awareness to issues facing our environment in recent years, it makes sense that he’d want to make a movie that wraps his message up with a nice blockbuster bow on top.

What do you think of a Captain Planet movie being made?


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