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The role of Billy Milligan is one that Leonardo DiCaprio has been interested in bringing to life since 1997. Milligan’s true-life story, where he became the first person to ever be acquitted of a crime on account of having 24 personalities, has had a long road to the big screen but it now looks like it’s on the way. 

Based on the 1981 non-fiction book “The Minds of Billy Milligan” by Daniel Keyes, DiCaprio has signed on to star in the film and co-produce it with his Appian Way shingle and New Regency. Jason Smilovic (Lucky Number Slevin) and Todd Katzberg (nothing) have been hired to write the film. 

New Regency has had the rights to the film, titled The Crowded Room, for years. At one point, James Cameron was interested in adapting the story. The stranger than fiction tale involves Milligan being tried for robbery and the rape of three girls, and successfully using multiple personality disorder as his defense. The personalities included a Yugoslavian terrorist named Ragen who admitted to the robbery, a lesbian named Adelana that took credit for the rapes, and an uptight Englishman named Arthur.

According to THR, DiCaprio has all ready signed on for producing duties and is expected to sign on the dotted line to play Milligan very soon.

He’s hoping to be nominated for an Oscar for his performance, and then not win, since that’s his thing. 

As of now, The Crowded Room has no director and no release date.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter