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“Goonies” may take the cake as having one of the longest-rumored sequels. Thirty years it’s been since the Amblin classic hit theaters, and its legacy seems to have only gotten greater with time. With the current trend of long-awaited sequels finally getting made (“Jurassic World,” “Mad Max: Fury Road,” “Ghostbusters”), it seems to make sense that “The Goonies” would finally get its chance back in the limelight after all this time.

In an extensive reflection on the film, as well as its far-reaching legacy, Yahoo! Movies had a chance to sit down with director Richard Donner and pick his brain regarding the potential for a sequel. Will we ever get a chance to check in with these characters again?

“Maybe. Again, everything takes a long time to get it right. If you do things fast and quick and easy, that’s a disservice. But if there were going to be another movie it would take us a long time to get it right, because we have a lot of history that we’re involved with and a lot of integrity that we have to keep to what once was, and lives a life of its own without destroying it. Maybe the powers that be are working on something.”

It’s very comforting to know that Donner is very precious about the film and would take the necessary time to do it right. That being said, this quote also feels like an incredibly noncommittal and polite way of saying no. After all, it’s been nearly ten years since Donner has directed a film, and while the man may still be up to the challenge, he’ll likely be pushing 90 years old by then. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but with every day that goes by, it seems increasingly unlikely that this project will come to fruition. That being said, this is something fans may be appreciative of.

“The Goonies” definitely has quite the legacy, and some fans have likely grown sick of the new trend of bringing treasured franchises back from the dead. Sometimes, it’s nice just to look back on something with nostalgia goggles without it being bogged down by unnecessary future installments.

Though if you’re still looking to get a modern “Goonies” fix, at the very least, we know there’s an immersive theatrical performance on its way.

“We’re going to do an off-Broadway, do you know what immersion theatre is? Where there’s no seats, the venue is you go into a warehouse and there’s something happening in that warehouse and that’s the play you’ve come to see, only you become part of it and you travel through with actors. It’s very popular now. We’re doing one on The Goonies. It will take another year or so but it’s going to be wonderful.”

If this show is a huge success, it may very well increase the chances of a sequel, but it’s very much a wait-and-see thing at this point. But regardless if “Goonies” ever does hit the big screen in a sequel, you’ll likely not to see the triumphant return of Chunk, whose actor Jeff Cohen has gone on to work as a successful entertainment lawyer.

“Look, being an actor is great, I miss being an actor. I think anyone who’s been an actor, you kind of miss it even if you were just in school plays. You miss it because it was a fun experience. But I think I’m going to stick with the entertainment-law thing. That seems to be working out [laughs].”

Oh well. We’ll always have “The Goonies.”

SOURCE: Yahoo! Movies