– by Nick Doll

Did you catch it? Or did it not look like anything to you? (Are you a host?!?)

The Wrap reports on an Easter Egg that some viewers spotted in the latest trailer and poster for Westworld‘s second season, that leads to a creepily cheery Delos commercial… with some dark undertones… and even more new footage!

Click here to watch it!

Delos, of course, is the organization that owns Westworld, and the series of other parks, the only one we know for sure exists being Shogun World. The video gives us our first glimpse of life in the outside world, wherever the park may actually be located…

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People are happy in the real world… or at least that is what Delos is leading us to believe, because if it really is so great, why pay a fortune to visit the old west… when there are murderous robots abound?

The most chilling part is Delos’ company line:

“It feels like magic, because it’s better than real.”

Of course, this video alone is not without it’s own glitches, including a shot of that creepy unfinished host throwing someone into a dangerous looking machine. We’ve seen this creepy looking host before, and he’s one of the questions I cannot wait to see answered in Westworld Season 2.

I’ll see you at Westworld on April 22, 2019!

What did you think of the creepy hidden advertisement? Are you ready to return to Westworld? Let us know in the comment section below!

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SOURCE: The Wrap