– by Campbell Clark

Zombieland became one of those cult hits that seems to grow and grow after release rather than while it’s in theaters. The movie was successful, but since then it seems to have built up a real cult following and for good reason, it’s a damn good movie with a great cast of characters and actors playing them.

In an exclusive interview with LRM‘s editor-in-chief Joseph Jammer Medina, director Ruben Fleischer discussed the upcoming sequel, which is set to begin filming early next year for a release around October 2019. Joseph asked Fleischer if there was any hesitation from the main cast to come back for this sequel, and if this was the reason it has taken so long to get the movie off the ground. Here’s what the helmer had to say.

“I think collectively we all felt very strongly that the only circumstance we’d be willing to make the movie is if it’s as good or better than the original. And none of us were willing to compromise on the quality of the movie. We worked on the script real hard to make sure that it was up to par with the original. And so, that was just a stipulation that we were all completely on the same page about. I’m proud to say I think our script is really great, in that the movie will be as good as the original if not better, and that’s why we’re all back.”

Some of these actors have gone on to bigger things since the first movie and I am sure they are all keen to make sure this script for the sequel is worthy of the cult status original Zombieland. There’s always a great risk making a sequel for a ‘one-off’ type movie like Zombieland. Will the sequel feel like a natural progression? Will some of the characters have grown in the years since we last saw them?

I guess we shall find out next Fall sometime when the movie is expected to be released.

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Are you excited for Zombieland 2 or would you rather they had left it as a standalone movie experience? Share your thoughts in the usual place below.

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