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Do You Love Tarantino Flicks? We Do! Check Out Our Top 3!

Welcome to THE NEW AND IMPROVED LRM Ranks It! This is the video feature where two LRM writers share their personal rankings for various properties! Be it comic book movies or Star Wars-related, you’d better believe we have opinions on what’s good, what’s bad, and what’s best.

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Quinten Tarintino has always been a controversial figure. Sometimes for the stuff on film and other times for the stuff off set, but no one can deny the quality and uniqueness of his work. Despite only having eight films to his name, with a ninth on the way this year, his name is synonymous with Hollywood. Maybe it’s fitting that his ninth film is titled Once Upon A Time In Hollywood….

Nick’s # 3: Django Unchained

Oh, boy, my list is really going to piss people off, as always. My third favorite Quentin Tarantino film is Django Unchained. Django continued what Inglourious Basterds started, featuring another killer performance from Christoph Waltz, one of the best actors to ever grace the screen, under Tarantino’s direction at least. Waltz is Tarantino’s muse. That’s not to undercut the rest of the cast including Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Fox, Samuel L. Jackson, and Walton Goggins among others. And let’s not discount the plot, as it is utterly satisfying to watch a former slave murder slaveowners. Best part, Leonardo DiCaprio getting shot and Samuel L. Jackson yelling “Calvin!” as if they were lovers. Which they may have been as they had a really weird dynamic.

Kyle’s #3: Pulp Fiction

When you have a list that is only three deep it can become difficult to narrow it down. You almost feel bad for leaving a movie off the list and second guess yourself up until publishing. Tarantino films are like that for me. Much like the View Askewniverse, Tarantino’s films are like ranking  Django Unchained is an amazing film and has some of his best work and I really wanted to put that movie on here, but it has to go to Pulp Fiction. I know some of you will be angry that it’s not higher, but I’ve seen Nick’s list and he doesn’t even have this on it! Being a big Bruce Willis fan, and a huge Samuel L. Jackson fan, this movie is perfect. Everyone in it does a great job with their odd characters and I love the coincidences that bring everyone together. The violence is golden and the humor is on point. If I had to knock anything, it would be the date scene with Uma Thurman and John Travolta. I just find it long and it takes me out of the movie when they dance.

Nicks #2: Inglourious Basterds

I understand why people love Pulp Fiction, Kyle, but it never clicked with me. I think it deserves another rewatch as it has been a while since I’ve seen it. Again, going with later Tarantino with Inglourious Basterds. Like with Django, Tarantino has taken the name of an old film and really kept nothing else except for the WWII setting. Again, Christoph Waltz is spectacular in his worldwide debut. He makes Tarantino’s dialogue sound melodic in any language. As evil as his character the Jew Hunter is, Waltz brings charm and charisma to his best role. It’s very interesting what Tarantino did with the style of the film, not focusing on Brad Pitt and his team of Nazi Scalpers and rewriting history. Aside from Waltz stealing every scene, I love when Brad Pitt has to pretend he is Italian with his pronunciation of Gorlami. From the opening milk scene to Fassbender’s unforgettable basement scene, and Pitt carving a swastika into Waltz’s forehead, this movie is a true winner in every sense of the word.

Kyle’s #2: Kill Bill

Kill Bill… There’s nothing else to say. Yes, both movies count as one considering they were released as Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair. I love this story, I love the action, I love the humor, and I love everything else I don’t have time to mention. The play on genres in each half provides such a unique flavor in the history of cinema. There’s not a dull moment in this movie and David Carradine is an absolute delight. I really enjoy the Crazy 88 fight, especially all of the blood. Blood and gore is the second fastest way to my heart after pizza.

Nick’s #1: Reservoir Dogs

It has been far too long since I have seen Kill Bill, which is why I didn’t even consider it for my list. You aren’t wrong about any of that, Kyle, but like Pulp fiction I need to watch it again. That’s not to say I did include it just because I haven’t seen it in a while, rather I watch these films less because they give me less enjoyment. However, here is where I redeem myself, with Tarantino’s first and best film. I know a lot of people love Pulp Fiction but this is quintessential Tarantino. The clash between all the characters after a heist gone wrong, mostly limited to one location with flashbacks that reveal more information that would make Christopher Nolan jealous. The cast is great but the script is really what shines here, from start to finish. The tension is fantastic with a heaping amount of Tarantino comedy. There’s really nothing like Michael Madsen dancing to Stuck In The Middle With You as he dances and cuts off a cop’s ear. Chilling and brilliant. I only wish I had room for Jackie Brown on this list as well. I know I’m cheating, but Kyle is a cheater, and Jackie Brown would have been my #4.

Kyle’s #1: Inglourious Basterds

I hate to agree with Nick but he’s right about Waltz. The guy is the best part of this film and you absolutely love to hate him. The cinematography is some of Tarantino’s best and I love the use of discomfort in scenes with Soshanna (Mélanie Laurent) and Fredrick Zoller ( Daniel Brühl) as well as the tension in the infamous basement scene with Bridget von Hammersmark (Diane Kruger). At the end of the movie, we get to see American Jewish Soldiers kill the most evil man to ever live. It’s GREAT!

Watch the video to hear our Honorable Mentions… What do you think folks? What is the best Tarantino film of them all? Let us know in the comments below!

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