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Fan-favorite actor-comedian Donald Glover is set to play Lando Calrissian in next year’s Han Solo: A Star Wars Story. While plenty of fans are still questioning whether or not the world really needs a Young Han Solo movie, few can deny that Glover wasn’t an inspired choice to play Lando. While walking the red carpet at last night’s Golden Globes, the actor answered a few questions regarding the role that’s set to be his highest-profile job.

When Variety asked him what it felt like to get the call informing him that directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller had picked him to play Lando in the next Star Wars standalone, Glover said he was “Kind of shocked.” He also made clear that he’s a lifelong Star Wars fan, saying “I grew up on it.”

The full video of his remarks to Variety can be seen here: 

Here’s the photo he refers to in that video:

With Deadline, Glover went a little more in-depth.

Lando’s a big deal. He’s the first toy I ever got,” the Atlanta star revealed. “It’s interesting, when you have something iconic in a range when people pay attention to it, it’s hard. You want to live up to the expectation, but you can only live up to your own,” he added, about the stakes of taking such a well-known role.

I just want to have fun. I know the directors Phil (Lord) and Chris (Miller) and I love the guy (Alden Ehrenreich) who is playing Han. It’s gonna be a fun time,” Glover concluded. 

One somewhat telling comment from the Variety video, which has stuck with me, is when he admitted to being somewhat “precious” about the role, thinking “Well, someone has to do it.” To me, that implies that even he questioned whether or not this ground should be getting treaded on.

SOURCE: Deadline