– by Seth McDonald

As fans patiently await the Avengers: Infinity War trailer, the man who is always with a plan, Marvel studio head, Kevin Feige, already knows what is coming after Marvel Phase 3.

Feige recently spoke with Collider, saying there is a plan in place for Marvel’s Phase 4, but that Marvel won’t make these plans public for quite a while, likely not until after Avengers 4 is released.

“Yes. It won’t be for a while. Our focus is on the next six movies. Finishing the first three phases, getting Untitled Avengers out into the world in May ‘19 before publicly focusing on anything else.”

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While Feige of course knows what is going on, it doesn’t appear as if us fans will for some time. A slate of movies is set for 2020, but Feige, as usual isn’t being very forthcoming with the information.

We do know to expect a new Spider-Man and Guardians film, but nothing else is set in stone for that Phase. He did mention in another part of the source article that they would love to tell more of Doctor Strange’s story, so that is one possibility, and one I think would please most fans. Feige hasn’t failed us yet, he has a process and fans have to respect how he does things. When the time is right, Feige and Mavel will delight us in showing us where the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will lead.

Where do you think Marvel will go in Phase 4? Let us know in the comments down below!

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SOURCE: Collider

  • Kronx

    I have it on good authority that most of the next phase will revolve around Ka-Zar and Rom: Space Knight.

    • Smerdyakov

      Slapstick and Speedball.

  • Hervoyel

    I’d like them to get into the Nova stories. Obviously it would have to differ from the comics a great deal. We’ve already seen the Nova Corps and they’re more along the lines of “space cops” than “Green Lanterns” but maybe go with a special suit that survives the destruction of Xandar and with some Xandarian Worldmind connected that could make for an interesting ride. He could be involved in putting back together their civilization and having to balance that with his desire to be a high-profile celebrity/super-hero on Earth in the Tony Stark mold. Growing up and learning that it’s harder than it looks thing going on. You could start him here and maybe even pair him up with Spider-Man, then move him to the space-side of things and wrap up a trilogy with a big adventure involving him reforming the Nova Corps.

  • Nay sayer!

    Come on chaps let’s have some fun with our Phase 4 guesses

    The obvious ones

    Guardians 3: Guardians vs the Sith (yeah maybe not)
    Spiderman 2 and 3
    Avengers 5 and 6 one of which is gonna be Secret Invasion
    Dr Strange 2: Stranger things (someone had to do it)
    Black Panther 2
    If RDJ and Evans sign on for more than another one of their respective movies each
    Captain Marvel 2

    Black Widow
    Avengers Initiative (which was excellent during secret invasion)
    Fantastic 4 (worth a guess)

    • 2 Left Thumbs

      I doubt we’ll see another Captain America or Iron Man movie. I love the characters, but IW seems like an appropriate time to do a sendoff for them. I think we are almost more likely to get a Thor 4 at this point (but maybe that’s just me being hopeful).

      I would expect to see 1 or 2 new characters introduced. Maybe Namor and Nova?
      But those would really depend on if Marvel gets the FF back by then