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A while back, it was announced that David Lee Fisher was creating an innovative reimagining of NOSFERATU. Now we know who’ll be playing the iconic movie monster. 

According to Variety, Fisher has tapped famous German expressionist Doug Jones to inhabit the role. Jones is known for his work in Guillermo del Toro films like HELLBOY and PAN’S LABYRINTH. He also worked with Fisher the last time the director remade a classic silent horror film.

Jones is certainly no stranger to donning prosthetics and transforming into strange creatures, and there’s perhaps no more beloved a creature in cinematic history than Nosferatu. The character’s debut in the 1922 silent horror film NOSFERATU is considered to be the first ever vampire movie. To this day, it’s considered a horror classic.

What Fisher intends to do with this remake is really rather quite ingenious. According to Variety, the director “is creating a remix of the original film with a mixture of live-action combined with colorized digital backgrounds recreated from the original film.” Sounds pretty wild, and eerily similar to what he did with Jones in their 2005 remake of THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI.

For a taste of that, here’s a trailer:

So it seems that fans of the original NOSFERATU, horror enthusiasts, and followers of unique cinematic experiences have a lot to look forward to as Fisher and Jones focus their talents on this retelling of the classic tale.

What do you think? Is this up your alley?

SOURCE: Variety