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Last year saw the release of the all-female reboot of Ghostbusters. After a solid two-plus years of a constant stream of complaints from fans of the original film, we finally got to see if director Paul Feig and the leading ladies would actually ruin life on Earth as we knew it. News flash: it didn’t. The movie itself was harmless fun (though no crowning achievement), but that didn’t stop the haters from declaring it one of the biggest stains on the face of the planet.

If there’s anyone who’s been more than aware of all the hate the film has been receiving from day one, it’s Feig. He’s always been pretty vocal on social media, and back when the film was getting preemptively slaughtered by fanboys, he went to the defense of his actors. Of course, the film ultimately underperformed, and as far as we know, there won’t be a continuation of the story presented by Feig, and it’s hard not to blame it on all the negative reception the movie got before a single reel of film was ever shot.

This past April Fools Day, Feig took to Twitter to share a piece of news he knew would rile up his haters. Here’s what he had to say.

“It’s OFFICIAL! I’m rebooting Back to the Future with an amazing all-female cast! #MarieMcFly #BTTF18! Thanks, Bob Z., for believing in me.”

In case you were one of the folks who fell victim to his trolly and nearly had a heart attack, rest assured that this is just a joke, so you’re childhood is safe. For now. As with all trends in Hollywood, the exchanging men for women in franchises trend has caught on, and will continue for a bit longer. Coming up, we have Ocean’s Eight, the female-centric heist film following Danny Ocean’s sister, played by Sandra Bullock. 

While we have no problem with female-led films, there is something to be said about getting them their own franchises, rather than simply swapping out older male-centric ones. In a world of Hunger Games and Star Wars, there is plenty of room for female-focused franchises, though we can also understand Hollywood’s desire to constantly capitalized on established properties.

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SOURCE: Fandango