– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Only fools will fall in love.

“Fools” is the story of Sam and Susan, who moved in together without exchanging a word. He’s barely hanging on after being fired, again. She is fleeing an angry roommate. They make it work, the way two strange people can sometimes make strangeness work for them. They fabricate a life for themselves, making up a rich romantic history. But when their story is tested by reality, they must decide whether what they share is truly love, or just a fantasy.

The film stars Mary Cross and Michael Szeles. It is written and directed by Benjamin Meyer.

Latino-Review had an exclusive sit-down interview with the two actors Cross and Szeles, along with the director Meyer. We discussed the characters, challenges, falling in love and the separation of the real life marriage of Cross and Szeles from their fictional characters.

“Fools” was shown to the audiences at this year’s Dances with Films Festival 2015.

Watch the exclusive interview below.

Source: Latino-Review.com

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