– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Wow, what an insane few weeks it has been for the Caped Crusader. Actually, this all started a month ago, or so, when Ben Affleck kept flip-flopping his position on The Batman. Then Affleck announced that he will no longer be directing the film. After that, we hear that Matt Reeves has been hired to direct, and that he could possibly rewrite the entire thing, but we also heard that Joe Manganiello was still hard at work training to be an insanely skilled Deathstroke. Finally, we heard about Affleck’s personal life issues that he is working to improve, which could, and should, take priority over everythingelse.

Manganiello has been on numerous talk shows, exuberant about the upcoming role. However, on Pittsburgh Today Live, Manganiello was again asked by a prodding TV anchor if he “will be playing Deathstroke in the upcoming Batman movie, maybe… hopefully.” He basically throws his hands up, and replies, “Maybe. Maybe. Well, we’ll see. Yeah.”

Check out this 10 second clip here.

Oh no! This tells me that the Reeves’ rewrite is indeed underway and Deathstroke could be out, or it could mean that Reeves has read some of the more modern comics and has decided to turn Deathstroke into more of an anti-hero as opposed to the main villain, which would be greatness.

Another possibility is that here in the next week or so we will get breaking news that reads, “Ben Affleck will no longer be in The Batman.” At this point, nothing is for certain, and hopefully all of Affleck’s scenes in Justice League have been shot, or one could expect delays there as well.

After watching Lie to Me for about 12 episodes, I feel now I am an expert on micro-expressions, and his body language does not bode well. So how do you readers feel about this? Is Deathstroke and Manganiello out? Would this completely disappoint you? Let us know.

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Source: Pittsburgh Today Live (via Batman-News)

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