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Yesterday we covered some of the early reviews for M. Night Shyamalan’s new threequel Glass. Glass serves a concluding chapter to tie both Shyamalan’s Unbreakable and Split movies together and so far has got fans pretty hyped. But the director’s track record can get a bit sketchy at times and as such fans are still worried whether this will be an Unbreakable or more like The Happening.

The reviews shared by LRM yesterday indicated a bit of a split between reviewers, though mostly fairly negative. But, now Rotten Tomatoes has revealed the current rating for the movie after 24 reviews, check it out below.

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As you can see it is currently sitting at a fairly poor 42% meaning it is currently ranked as rotten. Of course, critics may have different expectations and desires for this movie than the fans do. As yet we don’t have any fan reviews to compare, so it’ll be interesting to hear fans thoughts as they start to trickle in.

I know at some point I am going to have to see Glass, there’s no way I could watch and enjoy the first two movies and then not watch the finale. However, the question of whether I should catch it in theaters or wait for home release is relevant in this case. With so many big movies coming out this year and with some movies I still haven’t managed to see yet, I do have to wonder if Glass is simply better to wait for?

I know what I’d like to see from this movie and yet I know that is not the kind of movie I would expect Shyamalan to make. So I am quite happy to see what he came up with and judge it for myself if I get the chance.

Does the RT score in any way influence your decision whether to see Glass in theaters? Share any thoughts you have in the usual place below.

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