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In Hollywood, you always have to wonder if a sequel is ever fully necessary. After all, this is an industry that thrives on money, and if there’s any opportunity to bank on existing property, they’ll take it. However, up until recently, there was often very little room for the leads to grow. more often than not, the first film already takes the characters on their necessary journeys, and in order for them to go on one just as meaningful, they often have to dial them back to almost where they were in the first flick.

In the age of shared universes, studios have gotten better about this, but in franchises that aren’t built off of the idea of sequelizing from the get-go, there are still some problems. But what about the upcoming Edge of Tomorrow sequel, Live Die Repeat and Repeat? The first film saw him go from a manipulative wimp to a bona fide badass. Where is there left for him to go?

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Speaking with CinemaBlend, director Doug Liman discussed the arc of actor Tom Cruise’s character in the film.

“You know, it’s a sequel that’s a prequel. That being said, he has a way better arc in the sequel. Because in Live Die Repeat [Edge of Tomorrow], he’s basically saving the world because he lives there. He really is just trying to save the girl. He has not necessarily become less of a coward [by the end], and he hasn’t necessarily become a better person. As a matter of fact, that was something that was important to Tom. When we were making the movie, we would joke that he’s only saving the Earth because he lives here. He would choose to just leave and go be somewhere else if he could. So his character never really makes the transformation. Vince Vaughn’s character doesn’t really make the transformation in Swingers. I love anti-heroes, and sometimes I love them for their anti-heroness, so you don’t want to necessarily lose that. That being said, he has a proper arc in the sequel, which is why I’m so excited to make the movie.”

That’s an interesting take on it. From my perspective, Cruise’s character seemed to have turned over a new leaf by the end, but when all said and done, it was only because he was forced into a corner. The real test would come when he was put in a position where he COULD run away. What would he do then?

If Live Die Repeat and Repeat (still can’t get over that title) can actually drive that point home, it would be quite the amazing feat, indeed. But what do you think of this? Do you actually think this film will show a better arc? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: CinemaBlend

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