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Elseworlds: Part 3 – Will Our Heroes Learn Their Destiny?

It’s the thrilling conclusion to the three night cross-over event!  What can fans expect for the finale?  Read on to find out!

Dark Superman — Last episode, The Monitor told Deegan to think bigger, and that he did.  He rewrote himself in the Book of Destiny as Superman (who I will call Dark Superman).  Barry and Oliver put him in quite the predicament by possibly dropping a crane on innocent children.  Yikes.  Also as awful are Barry and Oliver’s outfits.  They remind me of Police Academy 2 when Mahoney goes undercover.

In this reality, Superman controls STAR Labs with Diggle and Killer Frost on his side.  There is a slight nod to Batman v. Superman in the nightmare scene where Superman took over. This was a nice little twist, because I wasn’t a huge fan of Dr. Deegan, but using him as Dark Superman is much more entertaining.

Held Captive — Dark Superman has Kara locked away in STAR Labs so that he can be the new hero.  Even those closest to Kara are now her enemies, including Alex.  Even though she is being held captive, and Deegan has changed reality, he cannot completely change all parts of an individual’s life, which Kara begins to draw out of Alex.

The Monitor — As they search for Cisco in this new reality, Barry and Oliver run into The Monitor as he talks to them about their destiny. He lets them know that their individual characteristics will not help them win.  They have to truly find themselves in order to achieve success.

The Boss — No, not Bruce Springsteen or Tony Danza, but Cisco is now the boss, and a major high-roller. As Cisco tries to clear Barry and Oliver out of the bar, Barry name drops Dante (Cisco’s brother) and lets him know that they will help Cisco take down Superman.  Cisco now uses his vibing powers to steal from banks.  On a more interesting note, they need this new Cisco’s help in order to get to Earth-38’s Superman for help. Interesting idea.

The real Superman knows about the Book of Destiny, and also knows that changing reality can also come with extreme consequences.

Superman To The Rescue — Of course Superman comes to save the day!  I loved when he looked at Dark Superman and said, “Nice suit” with a smirk.  Both Supermans (Supermen?) battle, which was pretty good for television (and a lady thinks the real Superman is Bizzaro), while Oliver fights Diggle and Caitlin, and Barry, Kara, and Alex find the Book of Destiny.

Clark is the one who holds the key to fixing everything.  He is the only one who can truly rewrite reality, which he does until Dark Superman returns holding Barry hostage.  Oliver threatens to kill him, but Barry reminds Oliver that maybe this was what The Monitor was talking about. They have to be different than what they know in order to succeed.

How do they plan to stop Deegan? Supergirl and Flash plan to run/fly in opposite directions slowing down time.  Superman has some news for them though.  In the book, he read that they will both die doing this exact thing.  Do they have a choice? Meanwhile, Oliver goes to find The Monitor.  Oliver tells him that he knows his true self and that he is filled with darkness.  Kara and Barry though are filled with good.

As Superman again confronts Dark Superman, Lois arrives with Brainy and Martian Manhunter. They have done a much better episode balancing characters in this episode.  I feel like Flash and Arrow feel forced to always have the “Teams” on the screen where Supergirl minimized some of the support characters, which actually worked out better. Oliver takes a shot at the Book of Destiny which knocks Dark Superman down turning him back into Deegan (and looking more like his comic counterpart Dr. Destiny, whom I always thought looked like Skeletor).

An Annual Thing — Kara had a nice little line about this seeming to be an annual event.  Back on Earth-38 we find out that Clark and Lois are expecting (Superman Returns anyone?) so he passes the torch on to Kara. Clark also proposes to Lois while making dinner (Are you kidding me?  Superman couldn’t find a better grill?).

At the end we get the big reveal as we see Dr. Deegan in Arkham Asylum along with Psycho-Pirate with a fade out leading to…

Crisis on Infinite Earths in the fall of 2019!!!!

If you do not know the storyline, I would highly suggest picking it up. Mike Connally and I will be discussing it in our podcast later this week. I am honestly pumped for this!  The CW is going all out and looking to bring all the shows into the same universe, and same event next fall.  This has once again never been done on TV, and if they stick with the source material, could be extremely well done.  I think there is more to it than that.  Oliver had a discreet conversation with the Monitor where we do not know what happened.  I personally think that next season Oliver may sacrifice himself so Barry does not get lost in the crisis. Wow, this is going to be exciting!

What did you think of this year’s cross-over event?  It may have been my favorite! Leave your thoughts in the usual spot, and thanks for reading!

Supergirl will return from its winter hiatus in January on The CW.

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