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Disney spares no expense when it comes to their live-action talent. Even for their underwhelming ones, they manage to snag some of the best actors in Hollywood. You need look no further than movies like Alice in Wonderland, Maleficent, and upcoming Beauty and the Beast to notice. They’ve done a great job not only at getting great talent, but in actually casting them in roles that have fit them (no matter your opinion on the end product).

One of the next big live-action films coming around the pike is a Mary Poppins sequel, appropriately entitled Mary Poppins Returns. So far Emily Blunt is set to play Mary Poppins herself, and joining her in a supporting role is Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Emily Mortimer in HBO's The Newsroom.

Emily Mortimer in HBO’s The Newsroom.

Now Variety is reporting that The Newsroom actress Emily Mortimer is signed on to join Blunt and Miranda.

Her role in the flick will be that of the now-adult Jane Banks, one of the kids who was looked after by Mary Poppins 25 years prior. No word yet on the specific plot details, but one has to imagine that Mary Poppins may, dare I say, pop in to Jane and Michael’s life after all these years, only to find them just as work-obsessed as their father.

That’s a completely speculated synopsis, and is pretty much a re-tread of the original story, but it could still make for a compelling narrative should it be executed properly. On board to direct is Chicago helmer Rob Marshall. Given his and Miranda’s experience in musical, I can only hope this film can live up to its inherent potential.

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SOURCE: Variety