– by Emmanuel Gomez

Warner Bros. Interactive & NetherRealm Studios have released a trailer that highlights one of the characters from the DLC Fighter Pack 3 for Injustice 2. We have already seen the game play for Atom and now we are treated to the game play for the demonic sorceress, Enchantress. Owners of the Ultimate Edition, Ultimate Pack and Fighter Pack 3 will have the opportunity to use this character starting on January 9th.

Enchantress does not look like the type of character I would prefer to fight with, although she does have some impressive moves. She looks like a type of character who requires a lot of practice before being able to do well with. Her moves and combos seem to require a lot of set up. She uses a lot of stunts, counters, and projectiles that feature her magic by even summoning demons and having out of body experiences. Players who learn her moves will no doubt be able to keep their opponents off balance to gain an advantage.

Enchantress aka June Moone created by Bob Haney and Howard Purcell and made her first appearance in DC Comics’ Strange Adventures #187 in April of 1966. Recently in DC Comics’ Rebirth series, she has appeared as part of the Suicide Squad. She was also the part of the team, as well as the villain in Warner Bros. Pictures’ Suicide Squad where she was portrayed by Cara Delevingne.

With Enchantress’ and Atom’s gameplay revealed we now wait on the gameplay trailer for the Turtles. But in the meantime, what do you think of Enchantress? Are you looking forward to using this character? Let us know below!


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Source: Injustice