– by Jace Milam

In this episode we discuss;

The Comic Source Podcast

Episode 282

AfterShock Monday with Cullen Bunn


  1. Brothers Dracul
    1. What the story is all about?
    2. With Dark Ark, Unholy Grail and now Brothers Dracul, you have done several period pieces with AfterShock, what is it about telling stories rooted in the past that is attractive to you?
    3. While an argument can be made that both Dark Ark and Unholy Grail are horror comics, they have a very different feel, what’s your take on the “horror” label and where does Brothers Dracul fit in?
    4. The character of Dracula is one of the most enduring in fiction, have you always wanted to tell a story about your take on the character?
    5. What makes the story of Dracula you want to tell unique?
    6. What influences or ideas are you drawing from to tell your story?
    7. So we have seen your interpretation of King Arthur and now Dracula, any other legends of fiction you may tackle in the future?
  2. Dark Ark Volume #1
    1. Quick Recap of the story so far
    2. Fan reception
    3. Anything that has surprised you about the story so far; a fan reaction, an organic change to the story, etc?
  3. Where to find Cullen online
    1. Official Website
    2. Cullen on Twitter