– by Jace Milam

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The Comic Source Podcast

Episode 343

Phoenix Files with Scott Snyder

  1. From Metal to Justice League No Justice it seems like the DCU has been turned on it’s head, you’ve flipped the table. What’s the impetus behind this?
  2. The heroes have broken the source wall, JL are heroes right?
  3. You mentioned yesterday about bring the JL to its role as the connective tissue of the DCU, does this mean we will see ramifications of events in JL in other titles
  4. Transitioning from Batman to the wider narrative of JL your plotting the course for more characters do you enjoy that challenge as a writer? And how much harder is it?
  5. JL is also going bi-weekly, with issues 1 &2 in June, that also has to be a challenge.
  6. Working closely still with your JLNJ collaborators James and Josh to tell this wider story, JLNJ as the seed story and you three split off to tell your stories.
  7. Anything else to let our listeners know about Batman Last Knight on Earth.
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