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Eternals Star Blown Away By Crazy Bollywood Moment In Marvel’s Big Gamble

Eternals is going to be a very intriguing movie, fans are already comparing this to Guardians of the Galaxy. I don’t mean tonally, but when Guardians was announced, fans were predicting a potential flop. That movie, of course, turned out to be pretty amazing, (it remains one of my favorite MCU movies). The point here is that Eternals is either going to be a mess, or a brave new dawn once again for the MCU. We may not, however, be able to measure Eternals‘ impact in box office receipts. Not in the way we could with Guardians of the Galaxy.

The MCU is a different beast now, and the fan base is always growing. It is likely Eternals will do well at the box office simply by proxy. In my opinion, fans will actively go see the next MCU movie just because they trust Marvel Studios. Will Eternals actually work though, and be a success amongst the critic and fan base?

That’s the intriguing part to me, I feel like we simply don’t know what we are getting with Eternals. The latest comments from Eternals star Kumail Nanjiani add fuel to that intrigue. The star recently appeared on The Deadline Podcast, and talked a little about the upcoming Marvel movie.

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The section that caught my attention most, was when Nanjiani talks about a Bollywood sequence. In the movie, Nanjiani’s character Kingol seems to be portraying his ancient and immortal self as a Bollywood star. The star describes a full-on Bollywood routine with 50+ South-East Asian actors, saying he was “blown away” this would end up on screen. In the comics, (I had to look this up) Kingol actually learned the ways of the Samurai in the past. Kingol then uses these Samurai skills in the modern-day, to work in the movie business. Maybe in this version, he will learn dancing? Ok, maybe not, scratch that.

It is a bit “out there” though for a Marvel movie, isn’t it? I just can’t say whether it is a good thing or a bad thing? I am no fan of Bollywood movies, it’s completely alien to me why the millions of fans love them so much. However, let’s use our imagination here for a moment. Let’s pretend Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom released this year, and news broke that it opened with an old-time show number, how would I have reacted? I would have had the same morbid curiosity as I have now with Eternals. I ended up loving that opening for Temple of Doom, so there you go. This scene could work as well, and we won’t know till we see the movie.

Intrigued remains the best word I can use to describe what I think about Eternals. This is either going to be a game-changer or a complete disaster and I can’t wait to see which it is. What do you think about Eternals so far, or Nanjiani’s comments? Leave your thoughts below as always.

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SOURCE: The Deadline Podcast

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