Evangeline Lilly Explains Why The Reactions To ‘The Snappening’ Were Cut From Ant-Man And The Wasp

Ant-Man and the Wasp was the film tasked with following the crazy ending of Avengers: Infinity War and it did this partly by setting the movie during the events of Infinity War, so that while the Avengers were off battling Thanos for control of the Infinity Stones, Ant-Man and his new partner The Wasp were doing their own rescue mission of Janet Van Dyne from the micro-universe.

Of course, as we know now, Janet really didn’t get to enjoy being back home for very long as the mid-credits scene showed Janet, her long-time partner Hank Pym and her daughter Hope all turned to dust by Thanos’ snap at the end of Infinity War. However, unlike in Infinity War, we never got to see these character turn to dust, instead, we saw Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man’s communication with his team go dead and as we cut back to them, we find all three nothing but a pile of dust on the ground.

Now Evangeline Lilly who plays Hope Van Dyne aka The Wasp has shed some light on exactly why the decision was made to cut to her character as already dusted by The Snappening. Here is what the actress told CBR recently about the scene.

“So, as you probably know, Marvel notoriously has script revisions like every day of shooting. So you kind of get used to showing up on set and being told, like, “Oh, here’s some pages. This is what we’re shooting today.” There was one of those days, where we showed up and were like, “So, what exactly is happening today? What are we shooting?” “Oh, here’s some pages. Here’s what we’re shooting today.” This is one of the last days of shooting the whole movie and, you know, we saw the Snappening — well, we read about the Snappening.

At the time, we still didn’t really entirely know what exactly that was, and it’s because we hadn’t seen or been a part of shooting Infinity War. We really didn’t know what it was supposed to look like, either! And so we were in this sort of awkward position of shooting something that — we knew, like, the basic idea. We knew that Thanos had snapped his fingers and people disappeared, but we didn’t know… I hadn’t seen Tom Holland crying out and begging Iron Man to “Please, please, I don’t want to go, I don’t want to go” and we hadn’t seen the emotion or the drama or the sort of angst and maybe pain surrounding the ashing or the Snappening when we were shooting it. I don’t think [director] Peyton [Reed] really even knew what that was supposed to look like or be, because none of us had been a part of Avengers: Infinity War.

So I kind of got a giggle when I saw the final product, because they basically just cut our reactions out completely and cut to ash, which is, of course, much more dramatic and worked very well for the scene, but also is probably a result of the fact that we totally blew it. [laughs] None of us knew what we were doing! I think we made it look a little bit more like an ascension to heaven than any sort of negative and scary happening.”

I think the scene worked great, because the audience had an idea what was going on as soon as the comms to Ant-Man stopped, it made it seem inevitable, and then to have it cut back to just a pile of ash and equipment lying around was a really cool way to edit that scene. I think in hindsight it made it more dramatic than having to see more characters fade away into dust so soon after Infinity War. So yeah, I’m kinda glad that they fluffed this a little if I am honest because the overall result was superior for that point in that movie.

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What do you think of Lilly’s comments, do you agree with me it worked out for the best or would you have rather seen them turn to dust and had to lose each other if they didn’t all go at the same time? Let us know what you think in the usual place below.

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