– by Campbell Clark

Ant-Man was one of the films that people predicted would be Marvel’s first real flop. There were a few predicted flops including Guardians of the Galaxy and even the first Avengers movie if you can believe that now. Of course, it seems to have stopped recently, probably because if anything, Marvel movies are improving as they go on.

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Ant-Man had a slightly troubled production with the whole Edgar Wright leaving due to ‘creative differences’, but thanks to it’s relatively modest budget the film went on to make a decent profit for Marvel and parent company Disney.

We all guessed at some point we would be getting a sequel to Ant-Man, but that could have quite easily simply been called Ant-Man 2. When the sequel was announced as Ant-Man and the Wasp, it gave us the expectation of Evangeline Lilly’s Hope Van Dyne having a far larger role this time around. The film also represents the first Marvel movie to have a female character share top billing with the male star, closely followed by Captain Marvel as the first top solo billing female character.

Evangeline Lilly spoke to THR recently about how she first found out she would share top billing with Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man.

“When they cast me in the first Ant-Man, I knew that if the first film was a box-office success, then that would mean I would get to put on a suit. So there was probably no one more invested in the box office numbers of Ant-Man than me. Once the film was successful enough to warrant a second, and I knew that that was going, I still didn’t know that Wasp would be getting equal billing with Ant-Man. So that came as a surprise later: I got a surprise email with nothing but a JPEG of the title card. And that was how they told me. Pretty cool.”

I can imagine the stars of Ant-Man hoping the film did well, it’s such a cool universe to be a part of as an actor. Lilly has been involved in Avengers 4 as well, but how much we don’t know just yet. I’m sure she will be hoping to become a staple of the Avengers as the series and the MCU as a whole moves forward.

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