– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Avengers: Infinity War is pretty much the Area 51 of films. More than any other film I can think of in history, the filmmakers and studio have made extra pains to ensure that audiences don’t get spoiled. Notoriously, there were fake scripts passed around so that no one actor or person has the entire story.

But keeping the secret on-set is only MOST of the equation. The fact is that even after principal photography, folks go home, live their lives, with these secrets plaguing their dreams. So how did some of these guys manage to keep such secrets when they know the world out there is trying to get them?

In a recent interview with LRM, screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely gave a surprising answer.

“McFeely: I meet very few people that give a damn. The other parents at my daughter’s school, are like, “oh you’re a director of movies? Oh, I don’t see those.”

Markus: They know we’re not on social media so we’re not getting that influx. We haven’t done a lot of Comic-Con or that kind of stuff which would put us in a position where people would pepper us with stuff.

McFeely: The sad fact is we’ve been in the tank for so long that everyone we know is on the crew. There’s no one to leak to.

Markus: We made friends for the last ten years and most of them work for Marvel.”

Yeah, that is one aspect we don’t often think about. Oftentimes the social circles filmmakers run in are full of other filmmakers — and even filmmakers working on the same projects. With that in mind, there are few actual secrets among them and very little chance of leaking them.

While I can’t say I’ve ever kept a secret anywhere near the scale on the Avengers, I know that back when I used to work in the anime business, there would be tons of secrets (yeah, for some reason they were secrets — don’t ask me why) that I knew, but I knew hardly anyone outside of the circles to tell anyways. So yeah, that would make things a bit easier.

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