– by Gig Patta

Contrary to popular belief, vegan and vegetarian athletes can still get their energy and proteins from various sources to keep themselves powerful and competitive.

In the documentary From The Ground Up, it tackles the preconceived ideas about food and examines this food lifestyle for endurance and strength.

Here’s the synopsis:

What makes up the meat of an athlete? In the feature documentary From The Ground Up, former meat-eating college football player Santino Panico goes on a journey to rediscover the athlete within—this time, as a vegan. As he meets with vegetarian and vegan elite competitors, this story about food and sport expands to confront the social norms and far-reaching impacts of food choices.

The documentary features many interview from vegan and vegetarian professional athletes, including Aaron Simpson (MMA fighter), Heather Jo Clark (MMA fighter), Hillary Biscay (triathlete), Jake Shields (MMA fighter), Alex Caceres (MMA fighter), Ed Templeton (skateboarder), Mac Danzig (MMA fighter), Cam F. Awesome (boxer), Diana Winfree (contemporary dancer), Torre Washington (bodybuilder), Steph Davis (climber), Griff Whalen (football player), Baggio Husidic (soccer player), Chris Campbell (wrestler), Toni Pressley (soccer player, Rich Rolle (endurance athlete), Anna Ehrgott (surfer) and Scott Jurek (ultra endurance runner).

In addition, it also features interviews with experts on the subject, including Dr. Michelle McMacken (assistant professor of medicine at NYU School of Medicine), Dr. Garth Davis (medical director at Davis Clinic), Carol J. Adams (author), James E. McWilliams (scholar), Gene Baur (co-founder of Farm Sanctuary) and Paul Shapiro (vice president of policy at The Humane Society of America).

LRM has an exclusive clip from the documentary From The Ground Up that features Dr. Michelle McMacken addressing athletes obtaining their valuable protein from alternative foods.

From The Ground Up is available on VOD and digital download today.

Check out the clip below.

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