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Studios and networks like to milk successful properties. That’s a statement that’s a shock to no one. Just look at The Walking Dead, a series that has gone through many waxes and wanes in quality and love from its fanbase. Despite it seeming more fitted for a five to seven-year story, the name of the game has become “survive until you die.”

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As long-running shows head into their later seasons, there’s always a concern that something will be lost along the way. This goes for HBO’s Game of Thrones, and especially applies to the impending spinoff series. Will the network let the show end in a satisfactory way, or in an attempt to let people know there’s more to come, will the Game of Thrones finale somehow be used to lead into the spinoff?

Nope. According to HBO president Casey Bloys, that ain’t the approach they’re taking.

“There is not going to be anything in any scenario where we have any sort of prequel air for at least a year after that. I want the final season of Game of Thrones to be the final season of Game Of Thrones, I don’t want to use it to launch something else, I want it to stand as the finale of the greatest tv show of all time, I don’t want to do anything that infringes on that.”

That’s right. Not only will it not set up a spinoff series, but they won’t feel the need to immediately air the new series, in hopes of capitalizing on its buzz. Instead, they’ve decided to wait at least a year until then.

This is a great approach, and it really adds to the overall integrity of the show. While many have issues with the pacing of the past couple seasons of Game of Thrones, there’s no denying that they’re really doing their best to make it all a worthwhile experience for viewers.

But speaking of spinoffs and prequels, we know that they’re working on five potentials. How many does he think we’ll end up with?

“Anywhere from zero to five but probably more likely around one. I’m happy with what I’m seeing but don’t have a time table yet in terms of how we’re going to make a decision.”

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SOURCE: Deadline

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