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Exclusive Interview with Jamie Kennedy for ‘Buddy Hutchins’

It’s a secret dark fantasy for all of us. Acting out on rage after a really, really bad day.

In “Buddy Hutchins,” the guy finally snapped after being pushed over the edge.

The film follows a father who loses his Laundromat from the lack of business and bills piling up. His life turns for the worse after the discovery of his wife’s infidelity, his mother’s death, lack of care from his brother and an ex-wife hounding him after for alimony. So he finally snaps and takes his rage on all of them.

Veteran comedic actor Jamie Kennedy plays the title character in this dark comedy. In an exclusive interview with Latino-Review, he spoke over the phone about on what drew he to the character and the challenges with it. He also talked about his upcoming projects with “Tremors 5: Bloodline” and “The Sand.”

“Buddy Hutchins” is out on VOD, iTunes and DVD.

Read the interview below.

Latino-Review: Tell me on why you were attracted to “Buddy Hutchins.”

Jamie Kennedy: I thought it was a cool dark comedy. Everyone can relate to…..[suddenly] snapping. Most of us in society could imagine being like this character. I think it would be cool to play this character. I wanted to show another side of me.

Latino-Review: This character was a whole lot different—a whole lot darker than many characters you’ve played in the past. Did you have to make any special preparations for this role?

Jamie Kennedy: No, I just let myself be. I just reacted in the same way like someone is losing their mind. The good thing about the character is that he doesn’t have anything… stop himself. He’s completely uninhibited and unhinged. I thought it was a very fun thing to do.

Latino-Review: Basically what you’re trying to say was that he didn’t have anything to lose, right?

Jamie Kennedy: Yes, there you go. That’s what I’m trying to say. [Chuckles]

Latino-Review: How was it to work with the director Jared Cohn?

Jamie Kennedy: He’s cool to work with. He knows on how to talk with actors. Jared knows what he wants. We talked about a lot of different ideas and with the character. He’s cool because he gets it. He’ll let you know if [you’re doing something wrong]. He helps with emotional connection.

Latino-Review: Do you prefer doing these low budget movies like “Buddy Hutchins” or something with larger budgets?

Jamie Kennedy: I love a big, big movie. That’s awesome. Sometimes these things can get lost in a big, big movie. There are so many moving parts. A little movie that makes a connection is also pretty awesome. You just want everyone to work together to make a good movie. Any movie isn’t easy to make due to control, but I love all of them.

Latino-Review: There’s a lot of revenge kills throughout the entire movie. What was your favorite weapon of choice?

Jamie Kennedy: I had a chainsaw. That was pretty good. It was hard to carry around though. I also had a gun in the movie, but I think the chainsaw was it. That [weapon] got my point across.

Latino-Review: [Laughter] It did get your point across. Was that really that hard to wield for yourself?

Jamie Kennedy: Yes, it was heavy. It was very intense. It wasn’t really a real practical weapon to use to hack somebody. It’ll probably be easy to use something else. It was hard to carry around and it made a lotof noise.

Latino-Review: I completely understand. There’s a few comedic moments sprinkled throughout the film. But, it’s still way different from the things you usually do.

Jamie Kennedy: Yeah, I know! It was a dark comedy. That’s why I like it. If you watched the movie, it had its funny moments. There was a scene in where I killed my ex-wife like “I didn’t want to hear it from you.” It’s funny due the fact they’re stuff you want to say to somebody in that situation. Obviously, you can’t kill them since it’s immoral. You’ll go to jail. It’s also not right to kill another human being especially if you owed them money. Only maybe if they hurt you, then maybe you can totally justify it. In normal life, you can’t just kill somebody cause you owe them alimony.

That’s what funny about it. Comedy and drama have very fine lines to them. It’s no different for me, really. It’s a matter of circumstances in a way.

Latino-Review: Do you ever have an urge to express your extreme feelings like this?

Jamie Kennedy: Oh, God. Yeah. [Chuckles] I often get emo and pissed off. I just don’t get a chainsaw out—that’s the big difference. So if I guy takes out a chainsaw, you’ll have to laugh a little bit.

Latino-Review: [Laughter] Yeah, that was indeed very unusual. What are some of the famous rage films in the past that you’ve watched and enjoyed?

Jamie Kennedy: I don’t know if it’s a rage film, but I enjoyed “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” It was pretty mean. Give me some titles and I’ll tell you if they’re good.

Latino-Review: Oh, I don’t know. Maybe like “Falling Down?”

Jamie Kennedy: This film obviously had some [themes] from that movie. “Falling Down” was easily relatable to this movie. Now do you remember “White Man’s Burden?”

Latino-Review: Yeah, I do remember “White Man’s Burden.”

Jamie Kennedy: That was a pretty good movie with John Travolta. That’s two movies that can be totally relatable.

Latino-Review: For yourself, you are starting to get into the comedy horror types of genres. Is this something you always wanted to do?

Jamie Kennedy: “Scream” was the first movie. I started out in that genre like that. After that, then it was nearly all comedy for a while. I don’t usually want to break out into specific genres like that. I just want to act in good stuff. I would do it if I really like the script and thought it would be cool to do something like that especially if people respond to it.

As for this film, I think it’s going to be a cult film. People will like it and it’ll grow in its cult fan base.

Latino-Review: So are you saying that when you choose films or projects—you choose based on whether it’s going to be a cult favorite amongst fans?

Jamie Kennedy: Yes. You’ll see it with the character, the script and the story. Literally, it felt like it was made in the 70s. It’s a nice edgy movie, but funny as a dark comedy. We all have dark thoughts, but won’t act them out. Buddy, here, just act them out. That’s why I think it’s funny. And after all this horrific stuff, he ends up playing with his band. Now that’s crazy.

Latino-Review: [Laughter] That was pretty funny. Was that you on the guitar?

Jamie Kennedy: No, that wasn’t me playing. I was playing, but not really playing. [Laughter] In the end of it all, he can kill people and still get with your band. I think that’s pretty funny. [Laughter]

Latino-Review: Let me start wrapping this up with you. I noticed you have a couple of projects coming up pretty soon with “The Sand” and “Tremors 5.” Could you talk a little about that?

Jamie Kennedy: “The Sand” is basically another horror movie and I just have a cameo in it. It’s a classic monster movie that takes place at the beach with teenagers with a monster. I play this local sheriff. You remember that movie with the giant alligator?

Latino-Review: Yeah, it’s “Lake Placid.”

Jamie Kennedy: It’s just like that. It’s cool. The effects are really cool for what I’ve seen of it so far. Now “Tremors 5” is just another sequel to a cool franchise. I’m telling you without saying too much—the little I’ve saw of it with the worms—they look so real. It could be like Transformers with worms. I don’t want to sound phony, but they do look that good.

Latino-Review: Who do you play in Tremors?

Jamie Kennedy: I play a character who meets with Burt Gummer. We end up going on an adventure together.

Latino-Review: That sounds exciting.

Jamie Kennedy: I know. [The worm] is fifteen meters for the last one. I’m very excited. I haven’t seen all of it, but the little I’ve seen is excellent.

Latino-Review: Fifteen meters is a pretty big worm.

Jamie Kennedy: [Laughter] Worms do get a lot bigger. Thank you so much for your time.

“Buddy Hutchins” is out on VOD, iTunes and DVD.

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Source: Latino-Review

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