– by Joseph Jammer Medina

So, folks, it happened. We’ve finally gotten our first glimpse of SPIDER-MAN, and how he’ll look in Marvel’s upcoming CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR. The latest CIVIL WAR trailer has just arrived and it’s setting the internet ablaze as fans feast their eyes on the first official look at Tom Holland’s Spider-Man

While much about this new take on the Peter Parker mythos is still shrouded in mystery, now that he’s been revealed to the world, I can safely venture into some new information. Yesterday, we broke the story that Spider-Man was going to be included in this new trailer. The same exact source who gave us this intel also confirmed an old rumor that’s been floating around.

You may notice that Spidey’s suit in the trailer looks pretty sleek. In fact, it’s downright high-tech. Did you notice how his eyes contracted- complete with a small mechanical sound effect? This flies in the face of the rumors we’ve heard so far that this new Peter Parker would be seen in an extremely low-tech, homemade suit. Well, our source told us that the murmurs you’ve heard in the past are true: We meet Peter in a clunky hand-made getup, but by the end of the film Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark makes him an all-new outfit.

They also tell us that, at least for a portion of the film, Spider-Man is on TEAM IRON MAN. You probably guessed as much, since it’s Stark that calls Spidey into the fray. But now you know one of the reasons why Parker has sided with Stark and Company. And even Stark’s use of the term “Underoos!” is a reference to how, when Stark met Parker, he was still using a costume that looked like it was made out of underwear. 

How Does This Fit With What We’ve Heard Before?

Here’s where we enter a bit of speculation, so don’t hold me to this next part.

In speaking to a lifelong Spider-Man fan friend of mine, I asked him what he thought of Spidey being on Team Iron Man in CIVIL WAR and he pointed to a storyline he thinks the film might be using- which is from the CIVIL WAR comic book itself. He gets the feeling that in the film, a very cunning Peter Parker will be taken under Stark’s wing. They may even bond over the shared horror of what happened in Peter’s home (New York City) at the end of THE AVENGERS. Along the way, he’ll get a suit upgrade, and he’ll start off on Tony’s side but– and it’s a big but– he’ll ultimately flip to Team Cap by film’s end. It’d be a variation of what happened in the books. 

After all, Peter Parker is all about anonymity, and likely wouldn’t want all of New York City to know his real identity when he returns to his hometown in his new duds. That would put him at odds with Stark’s mission in CIVIL WAR to have every hero come out of the shadows and work alongside the government. 

This quasi-betrayal, where Peter uses Stark to get a new suit and then flips sides could very well lead us into what we’ve heard before: That RDJ’s Iron Man will be in the UNTITLED SOLO SPIDER-MAN MOVIE, and that the two will actually start off at each other’s throats. It would would certainly explain why Stark and Spidey don’t like each other.

It’s an interesting theory, and one that I kind of hope is true since, honestly, it is weird to see Spider-Man on Iron Man’s side. Peter Parker, a high school kid with problems of his own, would likely want nothing to do with Stark’s ideological agenda.

Also, just a bonus tidbit, for those of you intrigued about the dynamic between Marvel Studios and Sony:

There were two versions of this new trailer. One that included Spidey, and one that didn’t. Marvel had to get Sony’s approval before it could release the one you saw today. Sony’s Tom Rothman saw it and gave Marvel the go-ahead, which is what turned today into Christmas.

What do you think, Fanboy Nation? You happy to hear where Spider-Man got his new duds? Excited to find out how he ends up on TEAM IRON MAN or if he stays there? Sound off below! 

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