Falcon And The Winter Soldier Actor Suggests The Show Will Generate “Even Bigger” Fan Theories

Falcon and the Winter Soldier is bringing back several old Captain America foes. Obviously there is Zemo (Daniel Bruhl), but we’ll also see the return of Batroc.

Batroc was the French mercenary who took the Lemurian Star hostage in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Known as Batroc the leaper in the comics, his fight scene with Cap was memorable because of all his… leaping.

Now, the actor who plays Batroc, Georges St. Pierre, has something to say about The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. When asked about fan theories that the show would develop, St. Pierre told Complex:

It could be even bigger. It’s huge. They put so much budget into this thing it’s incredible.

He added what most Marvel actors get to say about his knowledge of the bigger plot of the show:

I only know what I needed to know. I don’t know the whole story, to tell you the truth. And even if I wanted to tell you stuff, I couldn’t. They’re very good at hiding stuff.

I can hear fans groaning already. More series speculation? Why is everyone making theories up about what will happen next in Marvel Shows?

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My response, this is nothing new, so stop whining. You don’t have to watch videos or listen to our Marvel Multiverse Mondays podcast if you don’t want to. And this phenomena is nothing new, contrary to what these Negative Nancys have to say.

You think people didn’t speculate about what would happen between releases of the original Star Wars trilogy? Then, decades of speculation and theories were applied to the prequel films. In the age of the internet, fan theories really blew up. Serialized TV made a big comeback with 24 and Lost in the early 2000s,. At the same time, everyone was getting ethernet and forums were blowing up. There’s a reason serialized shows episodes end in cliffhangers…

It never stopped, not since 1977. In the 2010’s people made videos, podcasts, and wrote about weekly theories about popular shows like Stranger Things and Watchmen. For me, this is what it means to be a fanboy, in my case. If you’re gonna make me wait a week between episodes, as it should be, I’m going to speculate. It’s fun!

That being said, it is silly to be upset when you speculate wrong. It’s all supposed to be fun. If you’re wrong, as we often were, move onto the next theory and enjoy what you actually received. The other obvious part, NEVER print a theory as a Rumor or Exclusive. Call it what it is, a theory.

So, while I doubt The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will be as juicy as WandaVision, as the latter is a mystery box of a show, there will always be theories and speculation. Though, like I said, I doubt it’s to the same extent St. Pierre thinks.

I am excited to see him leap again though…

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