Falcon And The Winter Soldier: Possible SPOILER Details Appear But Are They Real?

We are in a period where the MCU is moving from a solely movie based medium towards TV. Well, if you don’t count the Netflix properties, which some fans certainly do. The first MCU show that will release on Disney+ is Falcon and the Winter Soldier. So far we have seen a few images, and heard a few rumors, but that’s it.

However, recently an anonymous user on 4Chan has released details they claim are from the first episode of the show. Now, I know what you are thinking, 4Chan. Yes, its anonymous status means that 4Chan is literally full of utter bobbins, for the most part. Saying that though, there are also genuine leaks appear on here. Let me just detail out a few movies that were leaked on 4Chan correctly (but ignored) prior to release. Endgame, Infinity War, The Last Jedi, The Rise of Skywalker, and Game of Thrones final few episodes. Yep, every single one of these appeared on the site and were summarily ignored by fans, because of where they came from.

The point is, that this may be absolute twaddle, or it may be genuine, we have no way to possibly predict which this is.

Ok, so let’s have a look at what was said about Falcon and the Winter Soldier, shall we? Let me point out that this could possibly be SPOILERS for the first episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, so tread with care. As you will see, I picked this up on Reddit.


There is also a further piece of information that came from the same source around the relationship between Agent 13 (Sharon Carter) and Bucky. Check it out.

Once again, I would take this with a massive dose of salt for the moment. However, this could easily be genuine, and we may not even know its accuracy until the release of the show. It could also just be fan Imagineering how they think the first episode will work based on what we know already. Honestly, I can’t give you a steer in either direction here.

For and Against

I can totally see Sam being a reluctant Cap, only to realize that he needs to adopt the mantle going forward. I’d also assume that U.S. Agent has some super-soldier powers, and I wonder if that is something Sam will end up having by the end of this show? Right now, I cannot see how Sam could fight anyone with powers using the shield without Cap’s strength.

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The red flag item in this claim is the appearance of Omega Red. The villain is a mutant and commonly an enemy of the X-Men. Would Marvel introduce a mutant character like Omega Red into this show before they even introduce the concept of Mutants? Many fans I’ve spoken to think not, at least, not this long before mutants have arrived. However, some fans think that mutants will be slowly introduced into the MCU over time. This Omega Red reveal could be the beginning of that? The other common theory is that some big event will happen which introduced Mutants into the MCU, either one remains a viable choice for now.

What do you think of this supposed leaked plot? Do you think it’s genuine or false, either way, what would you think about this as an opening episode? Let us know what you think in the usual places below.

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SOURCE: 4Chan (anonymous), Via Reddit

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