Star Wars: The High Republic Revealed – What Is It And Why Should We Care?

Late last night Star Wars finally unveiled the mysterious Project Luminous. Let’s preface this with the fact that no new live-action or animated shows or movies have been announced. Project Luminous for the moment, remains focused on the written word in the form of Star Wars: The High Republic. You can catch the full trailer for the project above.

Star Wars: The High Republic Content

This new era for the aforementioned Star Wars: The High Republic will revolve around…the High Republic era, around 200 years prior to The Phantom Menace. During this time there appears to be no hint of the Sith remaining active, for now. The Republic and the Jedi are in their pomp, but a new threat has arisen, and a new enemy. The Nihil. Thanks to Star Wars Explained for all the details here, who attended a live event for the project reveal. Many details also come courtesy of

Apparently, the Nihil are able to use Hyperspace in a very dangerous way? That’s all anyone will say about them so far. However, the first book of this project is Light of the Jedi by Charles Soule. See below.

“We are going to see ‘The Great Disaster’. Something terrible is going to happen at the opening of the novel. Something awful happening in a time of peace and prosperity.”

This is then followed by a middle grade book A Test of Courage from author Justina Ireland, see below.

Light of the Jedi will be followed by a comic book series. Simply called The High Republic from Marvel and Cavan Scott.

And a further comic called The High Republic Adventures from Daniel Jose Older.

Finally, we have Into the Dark from Claudia Gray, which appears to be a YA novel.

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The information above is seemingly just Phase One of The High Republic. More stories will be planned going forward. Of course, what everyone wants to see is whether the TV shows and movies will also start to follow stories from this era. I have to say that does initially make a lot of sense.

However, this is also pretty unusual for Star Wars, as the authors writing these stories will be those who shape this section of the Universe going forward. Usually, it would be the books off-shooting from whatever happens in the main canon of the movies and shows.

I have to say, that this fact has me wondering whether we really will get any movies or TV shows for this era in the story. If I was a director crafting movies from this era, I suppose I would prefer the freedom to set up the story myself. I mean, rather than having to pivot from what has already happened in some novels aimed for squarely at kids, or mostly.

What I am saying is, that right now I would not guarantee that Star Wars future is The High Republic. I think it is still possible the movies and TV shows could go in a different direction. If this High Republic era remains just a literary period of the universe, it will give the authors a lot more freedom. This may also free up the creatives Lucasfilm brings in next to do what they want.

As of right now, we know that no one has yet been attached to the supposed next Star Wars movie in December, 2022. In fact, one would assume that date will eventually be canceled, unless Lucasfilm decide to rush a movie out, again.  Disney really cannot afford to do that this time, they have to get Star Wars right, not just hit a release date. It is certainly possible that the next movie announced will be a story told in the High Republic era. I just don’t think that’s a given in any way, and therefore we shouldn’t assume it will be.

The part that worries me, is…

Why should fans care?

Star Wars: Project Luminous

I do not see a happy fan base. Almost every fan I come across has washed their hands of Star Wars for a variety of reasons. So far, the main reasons I hear are the prequel trilogy, The Last Jedi, or The Rise of Skywalker. These three moments in Star Wars history seemed to have collectively turned most fans off of Star Wars I come across.

The only part of Star Wars that recently seems to have the majority of fans happy is The Mandalorian TV show. Maybe going into a new era completely will help, my worry is whether these fans bother coming back to check? Lucasfilm needs a movie which gets solid word of mouth praise to tempt fans back. I just don’t know if they have it in them at this point?

What do you think of Star Wars The High Republic? Is there anything here that interests you, or are you apathetic towards this Star Wars news? Finally, what would it take to bring you back to Star Wars? Lots of questions, feel free to comment below or in the Discord app if you prefer.

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SOURCE: Star Wars Explained (via Twitter)

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