– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Michael Fassbender sure knows how to vary his offerings and stretch himself as an actor. In the years to come, we’ll see him in a comic book epic, a Shakespearean tragedy, playing a mercurial real life figure, and picking up a hood and dagger to star as an assassin in a video game adaptation. With projects that are high brow, low brow, blockbuster big, and intimately small, he continues to show the world his range. Now there’s word that he’s in talks to star in another kind of film altogether.

The Snowman is based on the seventh book in a series of crime thrillers by Norwegian author Jo Nesbo. The literary series centers on detective Harry Hole, who’s known for being both brilliant and unorthodox in the way that he conducts his investigations. The Hollywood Reporter says Fassbender is in talks to play Hole.

In the book, a boy’s mother goes missing under mysterious circumstances. All that’s left of her is the pink scarf he gave her for Christmas. It’s found around the neck of a snowman that suddenly appears on the family’s front lawn one morning. While looking into the case, Hole begins to suspect that he may be on the trail of Norway’s first true serial killer. 

The film is set to be directed by Let The Right One In‘s Tomas Alfredson, but at one point- back in 2011- when the book was looked at as the starting point for a Harry Hole crime franchise, it was going to be helmed by Martin Scorsese. Alfredon’s other big credit is Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

With everything Fassbender currently has on his plate, it’s unclear when The Snowman would go into production, but it certainly sounds like an intriguing project for one of this generation’s biggest stars. 


Joseph Jammer Medina is an author, podcaster, and editor-in-chief of LRM. A graduate of Chapman University's Dodge College of Film and Television, Jammer's always had a craving for stories. From movies, television, and web content to books, anime, and manga, he's always been something of a story junkie.