– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Last week, the internet was aflutter with the news that Dwayne Johnson was calling out one of his FAST 8 co-stars. He posted some tense words on his Instagram, and called the unnamed male co-star a “chicken s#!t” and a “candy a$$.” Shortly after he posted that, rumors began to swirl that the co-star he was calling out was none other than Mr. Fast & Furious himself, Vin Diesel.

The situation has gained traction, and it would now appear that there is, indeed, some serious bad blood between Johnson and Diesel.

In the wake of that post by Johnson, we found out that there’s some legitimate heat between the two macho action stars- who also serve as producers on these films. The rumored issue is that Diesel seemingly likes to act like a primadonna, hanging out in his trailer and making people wait for him while work is supposed to be getting done. It’s something that’s supposedly happened for years, and that many of the series regulars have grown accustomed to. Johnson, on the other hand, is a very busy man and is apparently sick of Diesel taking his time and making people wait until he’s decided he’s ready.

Understandable since, at any given time, Johnson seems to be working on 167 different movies as well as starring in his HBO series, BALLERS.

The situation apparently came to a head shortly after Johnson published that post, with both Diesel and Johnson taking some time to meet and bury the hatchet.

But that doesn’t mean that everything is rosy on the set of FAST 8. A new report has surfaced that claims that there is still heat on one of these guys, and it’s actually not Diesel. Apparently, Johnson rubbed folks the wrong way by making the matter public.

An agent for one of the film’s stars, who spoke to ComicBook.com on the condition of anonymity, says “Everyone was shocked that The Rock posted that. That was seen as kind of unacceptable.

Indeed, if you’ve been following the series at all, you know that the recurring cast tends to refer to themselves as a family. There’s always this talk of the indelible bond they’ve created while working on these films for all of these years, and so it’s understandable that they’d be upset that Johnson took some family drama and blasted it out to the world.

I can see both sides, but I actually have to side against Johnson- who I’m typically a big fan of. That post last week was kind of Busche League. The same way one of us would find it childish if a friend or relative posted a cryptic message on social media about us- instead of dealing with their grievance directly- Johnson basically did that on steroids.

Also, when you consider that Diesel is a producer, and likely had to approve of bringing Johnson onboard for FURIOUS 5– which was a major win for the former wrestler’s acting career- this also reeks a bit of biting the hand that feeds.

It’ll be interesting how this situation affects FAST 8, if at all, and what it means for Johnson’s future with the series. We know there’s talk of a spinoff film for his character, Hobbs, but maybe now this means he’ll have less of a presence in the final two films in the series?

We’ll see how everything plays out.

FAST 8 comes out on April 14, 2017.

SOURCE: Comic Book

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