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I was finally able to see The Fate of the Furious, and I thought it was well done. Even though it seems that WMDs have entered the mix, which takes the franchise to a whole new level, the chemistry between the characters is greatness. I especially loved Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson’s characters and their interaction.

In fact, there was apparently a post-credits scene with the two that Diesel completely nixed. Inside sources told TheWrap that there was a post-credit scenethat featured Statham and Johnson, and apparently when Diesel heard about this he went apes**t and nuked the entire thing.

This all potentially points back to that infamous feud between Johnson and Diesel. One would think that perhaps Diesel’s ego got in the way of allowing the franchise to grow in a different direction — one that may lead to a Hobbs/Deckard spinoff. However, that’s not the only side of the story. Another insider stated that the studio liked the tag, but removed it so they could place it elsewhere, though it’s unclear if that means in some future film, or if it just means the Blu-ray release.

Now let me give a few qualifiers. I think Diesel was excellent in this movie. He still works better for me by saying, “I am Groot,” but he turned evil (for a reason) and played the role well. The real highlight of the film was Statham and Johnson. These foes hated each other, but as many movie franchises have learned from comic lore, it works out when they end up becoming buddies. There is future between these two characters, and perhaps Diesel noticed this and wanted the glory for himself. Paul Walker has passed, so it should obviously center on Dom now. Or should it?

What would you rather see for the ninth installment, a Statham-Johnson film, or a Diesel film with him saving the day — again. I would rather go darker. Thoughts?

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SOURCE: The Wrap