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Ridley Scott is getting set to dive back into the ALIEN world he helped create. While PROMETHEUS was his first foray back into that world, it was treated almost as a separate story that gradually tied more and more into the original series of films. This time, with ALIEN: COVENANT, Scott will be firmly rooted back in the world of the Xenomorphs, hence why it’s no longer titled PROMETHEUS 2. This will be an ALIEN movie, folks. Directed by Ridley Scott.


The film is set to enter production in April and, as such, casting is underway. AVP Galaxy has gotten its hands on the first official casting call for the film, which is seeking a group of actors with unique skills. Read for yourself:

“[Seeking] skinny and very tall or skinny and very short, but strong and very physically agile. [Performers who are] fast in movement, acrobats, dancers, gymnasts, contortionists, Cirque du Soleil-type performers.”

ALIEN: COVENANT is set to reportedly set to star Michael Fassbender and Katherine Waterston. The former will be reprising his role from PROMETHEUS, with the word on-the-street being that his “David” could be the film’s primary antagonist.