– by Joseph Jammer Medina

On Tuesday, it was teased that gamers would be getting a very special announcement from Nintendo about a brand-new way to play games. Of course, speculation was bound to take off, but Nintendo was sure to temper expectations by stating that this would be for kids or those are kids at heart. With that in mind, I was pretty much sure any hardcore gamers out there would be disappointed by what they’d be seeing.

Nintendo has officially announced their next big revelation, and as stated, this is very much something for kids — though that doesn’t keep it from being an interesting project nonetheless. The result is Nintendo Labo. With Nintendo Labo, you take perforated sheets of cardboard, and following instructions, build some pretty impressive devices that can be used as controllers for the Nintendo Switch.

They are used in tandem with the Joy-Cons and Switch screen, and the games range from music games, to fishing games, to robot shooting games. All in all, as advertised, it’s something I would have absolutely adored as a kid, and if I had a kid over the age of seven, I’d probably see this as a fun thing to build with them and play with. Hell, I can also see this as being a game that can inspire a generation of engineers and architects. To build something like this and see the inner workings of a device certainly helps create curious kids.

True to their word, Nintendo is working to make the Switch more accessible to those beyond non-gamers, and this seems to be a step in that direction. Hardcore gamers, on the other hand, will be very sad that this announcement had nothing to do with GTA V or a firmware update. Perhaps next time.

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SOURCE: Nintendo

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