– by Campbell Clark

Solo: A Star Wars Story (We shall just call it Solo for short) is released on May 25 and we already know that the review embargo lifts very early for this movie. As Jammer says in the Related below, this is normally a good sign.

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Well first reactions to Solo have now started to surface on social media and it appears as though the film has gone down well with critics so far. Going by some of the reactions below, it is all sounding fairly positive.

I am most intrigued by claims that there will be some exciting surprises in this movie. After all, most fans biggest concern was that the plot of this would be predictable and extremely linear.

I was originally in a state of ambivalence towards this movie as I’ve said previously. Disney have done enough with the marketing to get me into theaters on opening weekend. Frankly that’s well played, because after The Last Jedi, which I still refuse to purchase on Blu ray to complete my collection (it’s taking willpower), I was ready to bin off anything Star Wars related for a while.

It’s also worth noting that The Last Jedi was praised by critics also, and ended up dividing Star Wars fans almost 50/50 between those who enjoyed it and those who downright hated it. Even amongst LRM staff we have about a 50/50 split between those that are wrong and those of us that are right (wink).

Have a look at just some of the many reaction to hit Twitter.

Do the positive early reactions make you more excited for the movie or were you going to see Solo regardless? As always share your thoughts in the comments below and as Han would say, “Laugh it up Fuzzball.”

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