– by Anthony Esteves

UPDATE: As of this morning, Chris Evans posted on his Twitter account video of himself tattooing Josh Lord, the artist of East Side Ink Tattoo, as Scarlett Johansson watches on. He mentions in his tweet that they now “just need to get Ruffalo blackout drunk”, implying that Evans also has attained the “Avengers 6” tattoo.

Robert Downey, Jr. Scarlett Johansson. Chris Hemsworth. Jeremy Renner. Chris Evans. Mark Ruffalo. These names are forever connected in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They portray the extraordinary on-screen characters brought together to fight the wars we couldn’t. They are the original Avengers.

In honor of the bond these six share, they decided to forever etch their connection in stone, with a little ink and a needle on their own skin. Four of the six (RDJ, Johansson, Hemsworth and Renner, respectively) made their way together to East Side Ink Tattoo in New York City to get matching tattoos. The symbol they chose was a simplistic version of the Avengers “A” logo on top of the number 6, representing the original six members of the MCU’s Avengers. The special event was captured on RDJ’s Instagram in three different posts, the earlier post featuring RDJ tattooing East Side Ink Tattoo’s own Josh Lord.

In the third post, Josh Lord is posing with RDJ, Renner, Hemsworth and Johansson as RDJ gives Chris Evans a shoutout, saying “Hey Chris! We wish you were here, dude! We love you, Evners.” Immediately after, Hemsworth responds with a witty “Eh, we’ve got all the Chris we need, buddy, so… enjoy wherever the [expletive] you are.” The crew erupts into laughter as Hemsworth gives his comedic dig at the man who portrays Captain Steve Rogers.

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What can clearly be seen is the special bond these six have had over the last ten years. What started with a long shot in Iron Man opened up to something grander with Iron Man 2ThorCaptain America: The First Avenger and their very first union as the full team in The Avengers. While their future in the MCU is unknown, they will forever be known (on paper, on-screen, and carved into their own skin) as the original Avengers.

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Source: @robertdowneyjr (Instagram), @chrisevans (Twitter)