– by Joseph Jammer Medina

We’re definitely living an interesting time for DC fans. The ecosystems on both film and TV are rich for comic book characters and superheroes. You can switch to many networks and see shows like AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D., SUPERGIRL, ARROW — heck, even on Netflix, we have the likes of DAREDEVIL and JESSICA JONES. Perhaps one of the most beloved shows on the air, however, seems to be DC and CW’s THE FLASH, developed for TV by Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, and David Nutter.

By all accounts, DC should also be thriving on the big screen. BATMAN v SUPERMAN hit theaters a couple months back, and while the film worked well enough at the box office, the reception wasn’t really everything WB was hoping it would be. Since the film’s release, there’ve been rumors regarding the state of the DCEU and lack of faith in the universe behind the scenes. It also doesn’t help that Seth Grahame-Smith recently bowed out of his directorial role in the FLASH movie, which is set to star Ezra Miller in the lead role.

This leaves a vacuum for the flick, which is slated for a 2018 release. In a recent interview with THR, FLASH TV series creator/showrunner Greg Berlanti expressed his interested in directing a BOOSTER GOLD film — as well as directing in general.

“I definitely want to direct more. Filmdirecting’s a lot like showrunning. The thing that I probably enjoy the most and also am the best at in whatever art form I’m working in is being the protector of the emotional experience of the audience. Also, I’m a dad now, and I’m starting to think about my life differently in terms of how much time I’m going to have. When you direct a film, you have a couple years between movies, and I’d have more time to be with my family.”

THR went on to ask Berlanti if he’d be interested in taking on the FLASH movie that Grahame-Smith dropped. Given how beloved his FLASH series is, and how much criticism BATMAN v SUPERMAN had, there are likely plenty of fans that would love to see the DCEU skew more towards fun. Based on Berlanti’s response to the question, however, it doesn’t seem likely.

“No one’s discussed that with me, but I could never direct a Flash movie that Grant Gustin wasn’t the lead of. He’s my Flash.”

This will likely annoy fans who have been crying out from the beginning that hiring Ezra Miller as the Flash in the DCEU was a bad idea. After seeing what Marvel has done with their TV shows, and how they (loosely) tie into the films, it seemed like the obvious way to go. However, it seems like DC and WB had a very different vision and mind, and didn’t see an opportunity for their film and TV worlds to mesh.

Berlanti went on to give some advice to whoever decides to become the director of that film:

“We have three words above the door [of the FLASH writers room]: ‘Heart, humor and spectacle.'”

It seems to have worked so far in THE FLASH TV series, who’s to say that approach won’t work for the film?

What do you think of Berlanti’s comments? Would you have liked to see him in the director’s chair for a FLASH movie? Let us know in the comments down below!

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