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While this is the first time we’ve heard about Justice League having a larger than usual budget, even for a blockbuster superhero film, this may be the best source to bring forth information. Ethan Van Sciver, a former DC comics artist says the film originally started with a budget of $350 million, but once Zack Snyder exited the film, and Joss Whedon was brought in, Whedon reportedly asked for another $300 million.

Now, take this with a grain of salt of course, but the information does come from an artist who worked for Geoff Johns for some time, though none of this is officially confirmed. You can check out what Van Sciver had to say down below.

“The Justice League movie was a catastrophic disaster for Warner Bros and for DC, for the DCEU. What happened was, it was underway with a $350 million budget under Zack Snyder…Decisions were made to have Joss Whedon come in and finish the movie. Joss Whedon didn’t like what he saw, apparently, and asked for close to $300 million from what I’ve heard. If you have better information about this, let me known, but he basically asked for an enormous, almost equal to the original production budget to reshoot and to finish Justice League.”

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Van Sciver believes Justice League is causing Waner Bros. to layoff 10% of it’s workforce and DC comics to layoff 3% of employees, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. I guess it’s possible the two could be related, even for a film such as Justice League, that’s a lot of money, the film would have needed to clear well over a billion dollars to be considered a success.

“You have to imagine what spending close to $700 million on a movie and losing hundreds of millions of dollars on a movie can do to people, can do to their jobs. Shortly after, Diane [Nelson] took a break. Diane never came back. She announced she was staying gone. Geoff Johns, I think, also took some of the blame for the Justice League movie, and he lost his position there. Others at DC have who were involved with the Justice League movie also lost their jobs, lost their positions. The effects are still rippling.”

Unlike Marvel’s Avengers, the DC team-up film felt thrown together for the sake of it. There was no build up to it as in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It simply didn’t have the same impact, and with it’s more or less troubled production, it’s wouldn’t surprise me at all if the budget did balloon up over $600 million.

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Source: ComicArtistPro Secrets