– by Campbell Clark

The Fox/Disney deal has been huge news across this past year and while the process is nearing its conclusion it is expected that the deal will not finalize until the first half of 2019.

In a statement by Lachlan Murdoch the new CEO of Fox, or New Fox as they are calling it, he outlined several leadership changes across various key departments and stated that these would come into effect once the deal is completed and again reiterated that that deal is expected to close in the first half of 2019. However, Deadline, who covered this statement, also added in some rumor from inside sources which stated the deal could potentially be completed much sooner and may even be done by the close of 2018.

Now we could of course list all the leadership changes that Murdoch spoke about, but to quote Tank from The Matrix,  “that’s some mega boring s***t”, that I anticipate our readers don’t care too much for. So instead let’s look at the possibility of this deal being closed sooner than expected and what this could mean.

Right now, the main thing as far as we comic book fans are concerned is that no matter how long it takes, X-Men and Fantastic Four WILL be coming under Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige. There is not expected to be any last minute changes, so it’s pretty certain that Feige will already have started to plan how he fits in these characters within the MCU. What if the deal goes through earlier than expected though?

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To be honest I can’t see how this would affect Feige’s plans in any way, from a business perspective the best idea for Feige is to plan to have these characters in his stable by the end of 2019. It’s highly unlikely anyway, that Feige would be able to do anything faster were the deal to go through earlier. Things at Marvel tend to be pretty meticulously planned and until a couple of months ago, Feige still hadn’t had the green light that he could even start planning to use these characters.

What could be affected by the deal going through earlier is some of Fox’s own plans for upcoming movies. A good example of this is Gambit, which to my mind with a proposed 2020 release date will never see the light of day, I can’t even see production ever beginning on this, even more so if the deal goes through quicker. It is also possible, but highly unlikely (like, seriously, they’d be stupid to do this), that Disney could, therefore, decide to pull the plug on both Dark Phoenix and New Mutants, but again, with both films almost ready and millions spent, this seems unlikely.

Do you agree with me that a quicker resolution should not affect current plans or are you determined that a Marvel X-Men movie will be announced before too long? Shout about it down below in the usual place.

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SOURCE: Deadline