Game Of Theories: Where The Night King At?

Hey folks, its been around two years since the last Game of Theories piece I wrote, primarily because of course we’ve had to wait an extra year for a new season. I actually debated whether to do it this year because with only five episodes now remaining it feels like the predictions are going to narrow down naturally every week that goes by.

SPOILERS follow for Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 and all that has come before, you have been warned!



If you have never read Game of Theories before then be wary, I famously caused a bit of a stir in Season 7 by correctly predicting the death of Viserion and his resurrection as an undead dragon. Unfortunately that episode was leaked the day the piece went up and people thought I was spoiling the show as I had seen the leak. I won’t go back over that old territory (I didn’t), however don’t blame me if something I theorise turns out to be true. If you don’t want to even speculate in case you find out the truth, then this is not the article for you, check out one of our other news pieces instead.

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Still with me?

Where The Night King At?

Ok, so the thing that really made me want to kick off Game of Theories again was a nice little theory I picked up on Reddit. Of course this doesn’t come from me, it was originally posted by user qp0n yesterday. But I do like it, and didn’t think of this myself, initially

The crux is that qp0n theorises that the Night King isn’t stupid enough to just send everything he has against Winterfell in what is sure to be a massive battle in Episode 3 (the 82 minutes long episode). The idea is that having Viserion as his undead dragon steed gives the Night King both mobility and a super weapon. The problem is that Winterfell houses the biggest living army the world has ever seen and two full grown, and very much still alive dragons.

Thus qp0n believes that we will not see the Night King nor Viserion during the battle of Winterfell. Instead he will sacrifice many of his undead army to weaken and distract the forces of Winterfell so that he may attack a weaker target, Kings Landing. During the discussions that followed, and joined by myself it was brought up that in Season 7, the writers made a point of Jon asking Tyrion how many people lived in Kings Landing. Tyrion told Jon there was a million people in the city, to which Jon replied “That’s more than the entire North.” Yep, if the Night King was somehow able to attack Kings Landing he could have an army of over a million, including 20,000 Golden Company troops to then attack his enemies from all sides.

It would be really cool to wonder where Viserion is and then suddenly it cuts to Kings Landing and they panic as he arrives to destroy them. He also believes the Night King will kill Cersei, Euron etc and Cersei will somehow be like a Night Queen due to being pregnant currently.

Now, lets weigh up the pro’s and cons for this shall we?

Yes Or No?

First of all I have a hard time seeing Cersei and her forces completely wiped out in Episode 2 and the threat of Cersei herself changed completely. For me it would be far more likely for Cersei to abandon her city in a heartbeat and escape with Greyjoy and the Iron Fleet, along with most of the Golden Company. But, she would absolutely not care about the millions of poor people in the city. Also, she has just dispatched Bronn up North, which would keep the fan favourite away from anything that happens in the South?

I do have another con for this theory. If the Night King needs dead bodies to raise up and be part of his army, then burning them all in a dragon genocide doesn’t seem the best method. We know Wights don’t do well with fire, so if they are all incinerated to death it might make it tricky for him to resurrect them all. The Night King certainly would be able to make it to Kings Landing, but he could not bring an army with him, thus would have to rely on Viserion as a weapon. Perhaps he could stop somewhere after he destroys a few defences and raise up the probably hundreds of dead within Kings Landing that haven’t turned to dust, giving him an instant army? Still possible so far.

The argument from some fans is that the Night King didn’t see three dragons as that much of a threat in Season 7, not with his javelin throwing arm, that swinger is like a cannon. So why would he care that there are two dragons in Winterfell? Also, if the Night King isn’t at the attack of Winterfell, wouldn’t Dany’s dragons just make short work of the rest of the undead?

The argument on the other side is that since this battle will happen in Episode 3, the good guys have to win. If they lose badly and have to retreat, they’ll increase the army of the dead and have dwindled their own numbers. Therefore some theorise they have to win that battle and thus it would make sense that it is merely a distraction for a greater battle to come.

Honestly, I can see the logic in both arguments here and I don’t think either are completely compelling over the other. So, still possible right?

The final pro argument that I have found compelling is looking back at Bran’s vision in Season 6. He saw a shadow, clearly a dragon, flying over a burning Kings Landing. We know that Dany chose not to attack Kings Landing by force, though who knows whether she could change her mind once she discovers Cersei’s betrayal? It seems likely that Jaime Lannister is going to kiss and tell Cersei’s secret betrayal secrets in next week’s episode. but what if we are shown a shadow, because it’s the shadow of Viserion being ridden by the Night King? Interesting.

Any Other Business?

A couple of small notes from myself directly here, firstly my obsession with working out exactly who will kill Cersei Lannister. If you have ever read Game of Theories before, you’ll know my top tip has always been Jaime Lannister because of the prophecy given to Cersei by Maggie the Frog in the show and the books. Though the books had one extra line from the show talking about how the “Valonqar would wrap his hands round her pale throat”. I always thought this would be Jaime since Valonqar means younger brother in Valyrian, and that we are supposed to think it will be Tyrion. Just remember that even as twins, Jaime is younger than Cersei as she was first born.

However, I also have another contender now, and that’s Euron Greyjoy himself. Euron is definitely a younger brother, remember he killed his eldest sibling to take the Iron Throne from him when he was first introduced. Who knows what Euron will do if Cersei ever agrees to marry him, perhaps he will choke her to death as soon as the wedding is over to take the Iron Throne for himself. I personally prefer that it would be Jaime, but right now Jaime and Cersei are on opposite ends of the continent, so maybe I was wrong?

Finally, Dany, Jon and baby Targaryen. I’m not the only one that has this theory but I think it’s all shaping up nicely for this to play out. We have Davos, Tyrion and Varys trying to wed Jon and Dany together, we have Sam, Sansa and Arya seemingly against bending the knee to Dany and Sam hoping Jon will play his trump card against her. What would be a great piece of drama to throw into the mix? That’s right, Dany being pregnant by Jon.

I can’t see Jon going straight back to romance now he knows that Dany is his aunt. But, he also can’t tell her why he is suddenly changed towards her. Dany finding out she is pregnant by Jon would just add another layer into this drama between the pair. We also have to remember that the show foreshadowed this by John asking Dany why she believed she couldn’t ever have children on the word of a witch who hated her? I have always said I’d love to see Tyrion ruling after it’s all finished with baby Targaryen is the true heir when he or she comes of age. All of the forces loyal to both Jon and Dany would be committed to the cause of their new King or Queen.

That’s it for this week folks, I guess every week we will know just a little more, and who knows what tasty morsels the next episode will bring us to discuss. Until then, keeps your blades sharpened and your wits about you, the dead are coming very soon.

Shout about these theories in the usual spot below, or share your own, but hurry up will ya, Winter is coming?

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SOURCE: qp0n (via Reddit)

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